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9 Natural Wonders: The (Incredible) Truth About Traveling Through Azores Islands

9 Natural Wonders: The (Incredible) Truth About Traveling Through Azores Islands

January 23, 2018

Discover the Atlantic Ocean’s best-Kept secrets… From the green Nature to the typical villages and volcanos, pack your bags and travel now!

These exotic islands would leave all the pirates in the world full of jealous. They’re inspiring, inviting, and they’re just another Portuguese secret, among others. Azores islands are rich in all possible aspects, so take a look at the 9 solitary wonders in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

São Miguel

Green is the colour that most suits this island. It’s a small paradise in the Azores, whose landscapes transport you to a place of calm and quiet. The ‘Green Island’ is ideal for sea excursions and also an opportunity to enjoy the aquatic life. Scuba diving and snorkelling are two other activities you should try in São Miguel. At night, go to Ponta Delgada and enjoy the restaurants and cafés there. They’re absolutely worth it!

The Green Island is full of amazing places to explore


The smallest in size, but gigantically adorable, Corvo is the island of the lakes and the craters. With only one town – Vila Nova do Corvo – there are no hotels, but you can always choose to book a room or a mansion. Caldeirão, an interesting attraction, is a large volcano on Corvo, but I’d like you to take time to see the three famous and small windmills at Ponta Negra. Rustic and simple views make of Corvo a picturesque island. Wild and serene, this island has been preserving its culture and way of life.

Despite being small, the Corvo Island is just amazing


Incredibly interesting due to its biology, Faial is full of attractions and the most cosmopolitan of the islands. Not too different from the other islands, on this island you should also take time to have long walks to see the Caldeira crater, surrounded by beautiful flowers – hydrangeas, mostly. In Horta, you will find a colourful view of yachts that stop there for a break during their travels through the North Atlantic. It’s an inspirational view that makes all dreamers delighted.

The Faial Island will leave you amazed


Translating into English, Graciosa means ‘graceful’ and it’s for all the good reasons. The ‘white island’ was classified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. It’s the least mountainous, and the adjective ‘white’ comes from its particular places with that word: Pedras Brancas (White Stones), Serra Branca (White Hills), and Barro Branco (White Clay). The most symbolic attraction of the island is the Caldeira da Graciosa. Due to the volcanic soil, Nature in Azores has also done some of its wonders, because Graciosa has valleys of wine grapes, cereals and fruits. The architecture will also impress you, especially in buildings like the churches or the cottages.

This Island is amazing due to its vulcanic soil


Are you more attracted to fun? Terceira has a semi-annual spectacle of bull fight. It’s total excitement in such a small island, the second less habited of the Azores. But don’t think Terceira has nothing to show you! There’s an enjoyable menu of activities waiting for you that will help you explore a little bit more of the island: surfing, body boarding, boat trips, windsurf, and whales and dolphins watching are some of the examples.

The Terceira Island might be small in size, but it is gigantic in fun activities

São Jorge

With an oblong shape, São Jorge is famous for its steep cliffs. Settled in the middle of the other islands, it offers a spectacular view of its ‘sisters’. Walking and more walking is the ideal activity in this island, but don’t expect anything too boring. In fact, São Jorge is so beautiful to see either on foot or by car. If you’re more like a risky person, this island also offers other cool activities: canyoning, fishing, yachting, kayaking, and surf. Ready for this adventure?

At São Jorge's you can enjoy the amazing view over all the other islands


If you’ve been reading this article, you may have noticed that the Azores have a unique offer: the wild nature gives birth to many different activities. In Pico you’ll find the highest mountain of the Azores, so be sure you are prepared for it and wear comfortable shoes and clothes. The experience is demanding, but phenomenal. When sailing or kayaking, or even if you are only taking a boat trip, you will have the opportunity to watch the whales, which is a delightful activity. Your holidays in the Azores will give you a great story to tell!

In Pico you’ll find the highest mountain of Azores (and Portugal)


Would you like to see Nature at its pure best? Flores has adorable surprises that will take you to the most resplendent corners of this island. Lakes, waterfalls, peaks and a whole green landscape make of Flores an extremely beautiful painting of Azores. Perfect for adventurous tourists, Flores has long pathways that will take you to the right places where you can observe the flora and some wild scenarios. After a long day walking, enjoy and relax in the warm lagoons and fajãs.

The Flores Island is nature at its best

Santa Maria

The oldest island – over 10.000 years – has probably the most outstanding landscape ever. It’s the perfect combination between the sea and the mountains and it’s Nature’s pure love. Geographically benefited, Santa Maria is warmer and dryer than the others, giving it a yellowish colour. Great for beach lovers, Formosa is the place you’ve been looking for.

Santa Maria might be the oldest island, but its beauty it's intemporal

And… what to eat?

Take a chance to explore not only the wild side of the Azores, but also the rich gastronomy. The cheese of São Jorge, the tropical fruit, the delicious seafood dishes, the typical cozido de furnas on São Miguel, the wine with more than 500 years of history, a nice dish of beef, and many other pleasures that are to die for.

Once in Azores you MUST try their delicious foods

So, do you want to visit Azores? I’m pretty sure the answer is positive. Book your next holidays in the Azores and be prepared for amazing experiences.

Destination: Azores, for sure!

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