Sustainable Tourism. Practices and Philosophy of ecoTours Portugal
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Sustainable Tourism

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Guided by the conviction that Sustainability is about re-focusing and adapting, we work daily to make a difference in the world, not only for our customers but also for all the people whose lives we touch.

Sustainable Tourism: every journey is an exchange, not a commodity

International tourists have almost quadrupled over the past 30 years and they are now spread all over the world. Surprisingly, Tourism became one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. For this reason, this sector could not remain indifferent to the sustainability challenge of our times. And when it comes to “Sustainable Tourism”, there are three important pillars of the equation: environmental, economic and socio-cultural. All of these in order to fulfill the tourists’ needs without affecting the destinations negatively.

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Sustainable Tourism in our Heart

We Are Eco-Friendly
We daily work for incorporating greener practices into our business. Our mission is to perfect the personal leisure experience, managing at the same time our activities in a sustainable way. We are always seeking to decrease our operating costs by undertaking initiatives that reduce the waste, water and energy consumption, we promote our sustainability credentials to “green-savvy” consumers who make purchase decision based on minimizing their own footprint and we only work with suppliers and partners that follow our environmental philosophy.

But being environmentally sustainable it’s much more than just being “green”. The natural environment is important but also the built environment must be preserved. We are committed with the preservation and conservation of the historical-cultural heritage of Portugal, respecting the rules of use of the resources inherent to our business. We believe that the protection, conservation and management of these assets are essential for the survival and sustainable growth of the Tourism industry.
We Are Economically Conscious
Tourism tends to be important for economic progress of the local community. However, it is also clear that the link between tourism and economic growth is not automatic. We have to think bigger. Not only should the community be involved in tourism, but people should also share in the financial benefits gleaned from it, giving them fair economic returns. We do believe that ensuring that economic benefits are secured at the place where costs are incurred is an important principle of sustainable development.
We Are Socially Responsable
We do seek to fulfill the principles of Sustainable Tourism in order to create a better holiday experience on both tourists and locals. We know that working close to the community, locals will be more likely to see tourism in a positive impact and even be proud of it. Being aware of their desires, we work for getting the locals involved, promoting cultural exchange and preserving local traditions.

And we also invest in a more humanist and less consumerist approach, sharing the results of our success with local organizations. Supporting them with donations or offering leisure programs to them, we are proud of helping to make their little “world” a better place.
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