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Alentejo, The Best Weekend Away

Alentejo, The Best Weekend Away

January 15, 2016

Alentejo is one of the 52 best weekend away spots listed by the Lonely Planet Travellers for 2016. Find out why!

In its February edition, Lonely Planet Traveller - the prestigious magazine - listed the Alentejo Region as one of its 52 best weekends away in 2016.

Why 52? Because it’s one destination for every weekend of the year. Why Alentejo? Because this region has incredible cities, castles and much more. And now it’s time to discover this region and its treasures!

Alentejo... a great place to visit

The January edition of the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine includes Alentejo in the list of the 52 best places in the world to spend a weekend.

Alentejo is in the 25th position, being evidenced its monastic heritage, highlighting one of the oldest monasteries in Portugal, Flor da Rosa, nowadays a Pousada. The city of Elvas, humanity heritage, highlighting their fortifications; the whiteness of Castelo de Vide and the rocky grandiosity of Marvão are evidenced as strong arguments for the inclusion of Alentejo in this exclusive list.

But Alentejo is much more! Alentejo is a region that occupies more than a third of Portugal's surface area, despite being home to just seven per cent of the population.

The huge plain of Alentejo is dotted with picturesque castle towns and quiet, hilltop villages, olive groves, sunflowers and fields of cork oaks, being the world´s most important cork producer region. This province is an ideal holiday spot for those looking for heat, relaxation and culture.

Some of the most important cities of Alentejo are Elvas, Évora, Portalegre and Castelo de Vide. Here you can find churches, temples, cathedrals, monasteries, influences of romans, moors and jews.

The plains facilitate walking, cycling or horse riding. You can make bird watching, contemplate the star mantle or just appreciate the serenity of the place.

The coast of Alentejo is also a must visit with several magnificent places as Porto Covo, Grandôla, Sines, Odemira or Alcacér do Sal. The landscape is high and steep, with small sheltered beaches between cliffs, ideal for relax, surf, among other activities.

And there are also field aromas, the smell of herbs to spice fish, seafood and other regional dishes, which are accompanied with excellent award wines. 

And you can simply book a tour through Alentejo with us. We can choose a group trip or a private tour. Just relax and enjoy the moment!

Because remember: Alentejo is the ideal spot for a weekend away!