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Alentejo: The Best Wine Region of the World

Alentejo: The Best Wine Region of the World

February 04, 2015

Alentejo Region is the Best Wine Region to Visit in the World, defeating Wine Regions worldwide. Discover why you should visit the Wine Region of Alentejo now!

Portugal has a lot of treasures. And one of them is, certainly, its delicious wine! After the wines of Douro Region stood out, now is time to admire another award: the Alentejo Region was considered the Best Wine Region of the World.

With this award, Portugal defeated well-known Wine Regions like Champagne (France) or La Rioja (Spain). Discover why you should visit the enchanting Wine Region of Alentejo!

Portugal has the Best Wine Region of the World: Alentejo

Congratulations to Portugal, especially to Alentejo! From among 20 worthy nominees, it was considered the Best Wine Region to Visit of the entire world, according to the biggest American journal USA Today and according to the traveler’s portal 10Best

On the past August 4th, of 2014, Alentejo Region won the most important award of Wine theme.

Checking the site of 10Best, Alentejo Region is described as «a trip back in time». Its white and rustic houses, the delicious and traditional food, puts the region on the top of this list.

On this Top 5, we can find Wine Regions like Okanagan Valley (British Colombia), Maipo (Chile), Marlborough (New Zealand) and Croatia.

Furthermore, this Portuguese Wine Region defeated the well-known wine regions such as Champagne (France) and La Rioja (Spain).

The wine experts Frank Pulice and Kerry Woolard described this area like this: “When most of the people think about Portugal, they immediately think about Douro. But if we go to the South till Alentejo, you’ll not be disappointed. Boutique Wine cellars, well served hotels, excellent restaurants and, of course, formidable wines”.

Discover the Wine Region of Alentejo!

Do you want to have the opportunity to visit this incredible wine region? Please check our 1 day tour through Alentejo or ask us for a customized trip

Look to these amazing pictures to see what we are talking about. You have to taste these delightful wines and visit this enchanting Region!

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