Alentejo: The Ultimate Guide to the Land of Plains and Quiet
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Alentejo: The Ultimate Guide to the Land of Plains and Quiet

Alentejo: The Ultimate Guide to the Land of Plains and Quiet

May 10, 2019

Alentejo is the largest portuguese region and will amaze you with its beauty. We give you some tips to make your trip to Alentejo unforgettable!

Welcome to Alentejo, the region where everything is nice, delicious, and undoubtedly pretty. Famous for its bucolic landscapes and good wine, Alentejo has a lot more to offer. Check this article to find out more about this region.

The People

Alentejo is probably one of Portugal’s most hidden secrets, but the people here are so nice that they will never see any problems if they need to help a visitor. As it is a large region and it is easy to get lost with so many different things to see and experience, try talking with a local. They really appreciate your interest in the region and you may even be taken to a typical restaurant or café.

People in Alentejo are nice, welcoming, and known for being less energetic, but that has a lot to do with the hot weather there and how locals live their lives there. It is perfectly quiet!

The Food

This is the best part! The food in Alentejo is simple but satisfying and we are never disappointed with a dish. Everything is delicious.

The gastronomy is rich and intense and it is normal to see a pattern in their dishes because in Alentejo the secret ingredients are the garlic, the bread, and coriander. Together they make magic and the tastiest dishes ever.

Some of the dishes you must try:

  • Açorda
  • Lamb Stew
  • Migas
  • Lard cakes
  • Pork’s feet with coriander
  • Tomato soup

The Wine

Everyone in Portugal knows how to impress their friends when they come over for dinner: a nice bottle of Alentejo Red Wine.

Despite being an interesting country when it comes to wine, Alentejo might have the most popular bottles of wine in Portugal.

The wines tend to be smooth and very easy to drink. When looking for some wines at restaurants, you will easily find some sub regions like Évora, Borba, Reguengos, and Redondo, which produce really good wine.

Some of the wineries you shouldn’t miss in Alentejo:

  • Adega Cartuxa
  • Adega Mayor
  • Herdade do Esporão
  • L’and Vineyards
  • Adega Vila Santa
  • Quinta Do Carmo
  • Herdade das Servas


The most important city of Alentejo, Évora, is also the capital of the region. It is also very interesting when it comes to history and culture.

In fact, its beauty comes from its so well preserved medieval look. When strolling around the streets of Évora, it is so easy to get lost in time because you will see some ruins or buildings from the 14th century, narrow streets, the columns of Templo Romano (Roman Temple), and a charming town square, which is definitively inviting a stop and a coffee.

Évora is tranquil and it has everything one needs so you may understand how easy it is to live here or spend your holidays.

Definitely, your stay in Alentejo will be more interesting if in Évora you visit:

  • The Roman Temple
  • The Cathedral
  • The Aqueduct
  • The Chapel of Bones

A tour

If you are interested in enjoying some really nice days on your next travel to Alentejo, you should know that we have a very special tour for our visitors. With our Alentejo Private Tour you will be taken to the most emblematic places of the region, as well as to its bucolic landscapes, and you will also explore the beautiful city of Évora and its monuments and famous spots.

At the end of the day there is a delicious moment, a wine tasting experience for all visitors in one of the most important wineries of the region.

Alentejo is this amazing surprise with so many things to see and explore and it is impossible to leave the region and feel indifferent to it. We always take a piece of Alentejo no matter where we go next. When tourists visit Alentejo they surely feel satisfied and happy. What else would you look for?