A Definitive Guide to Alentejo: the Famous "Bread Basket" of Portugal
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A Definitive Guide to Alentejo: the Famous

A Definitive Guide to Alentejo: the Famous "Bread Basket" of Portugal

March 06, 2018

Trust us and go to be bewitched: Alentejo Region is waiting for you. Just think about a rocky coastline, golden plains, lime-green vines, pleasant beaches, authentic traditions, friendly people. This bucolic land welcomes you!

Our sweet place of Portugal, Alentejo, should be seen as an authentic challenge to our eyes and souls. Those who step this land will no longer be the same after witnessing an impressive culture that has been sheltered by the hands of those who live in Alentejo. Come and join us in this trip to this region.

An Immense Culture

In Portugal, whenever we think of Alentejo, there are a few words we can relate to it quite easily: good wine, superb food, and nice people. It’s definitely not for sale and it belongs to the alentejanos (people from this land) who keep their culture so alive and intense. This piece of land is magical, different and it will surely embrace your soul and keep you warm on the inside and happy on the outside. Easy, hun?

Now, imagine a place where time seems to not pass and where ‘stress’ is definitely not a feeling around here. The alentejanos are known for being easy-going and they like to keep things this way. After all, what should they be stressed about when they live in one of the best regions of Portugal? Alentejo is a fertile land that produces the wine we always love to serve our friends when they come to our houses, the hands that make the perfect bread that we eat with a good layer of butter, and also the land of the best tomato soup with coriander, a herb they usually use. No matter if you live in the South or in the North of the country, their culture is immense and it’s here to stay.

Hold your Cameras!

Alentejo is also a region with beautiful spots that deserve a visit from you, so hold your camera firmly and check these fantastic places.


The ‘gazebo town’ has got some interesting points you should check. Some of the examples are: the Roman Church of São Jorge Alporão, which is now an amazing museum of archaeology; the church of Nossa Senhora da Graça, ideal for those who love the ancient Gothic style; and Jardim das Portas do Sol and Torre dos Relógios from the 14th century.


In 2012 Elvas was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. A small but adorable town that was once important for the Portuguese History. Elvas fought to keep our independency and today it is still quoted in History classes. Elvas has a large aqueduct with 7km and 843 arches that used to mark the walls of the city. Well, that will blow your mind away, it’s just impressive. Besides, there are other spots that might be of your interest: Forte de Santa Luzia (17th century), Forte da Graça (18th century), and the Castle.

Castelo de Vide

A great pleasure for tourists, Castelo de Vide is a little town known for having crystal water. Close to Spain, this village is adorned with lovely steep streets that were never modernized but that will take you back in time. However, Castelo de Vide has got other places you must visit: the Chapel of Salvador do Mundo, which is the oldest one; and go to the mountain of the village to have the chance to have a fantastic and different perspective of Castelo de Vide.


The heart of Alentejo is known for being quiet and peaceful. When in Beja, don’t forget to visit the Manor House of Beja, which was once important to defend Portugal; the Church of Santiago; Praça da República (República Square) with its Manueline buildings; and a Renaissance work, Church of Misericórdia.


Centuries have passed and Portalegre has still got some features that we can easily associate to those past times. As a baroque city, Portalegre has some interesting buildings that should be visited: the Church of São Lourenço; Palácio Amarelo (the Yellow Palace), Palácio dos Falcões (the Hawks Palace), and the Achioli Palace. It’s even more interesting to visit Portalegre on foot to discover the little wonders the city has to offer.


Climb the Castle and you will reach one of the highest points of Portugal that, according to locals, will let you see the back of the doves who fly. True or not, that different perspective will show a breath-taking landscape of the town. Once again, and like other towns of Alentejo, Marvão has narrow streets that will make you dream and feel welcomed and in peace.


Last but not least, Évora should be everyone’s focus. If you’re looking for an intense trip in which you will see architectural wonders, this is the place. It’s possible to witness in Évora different styles that go from the Baroque to the Gothic, and even some Roman elements. With our tailor-made itinerary to Alentejo, we include this incredible experience in which you’ll see the Roman Temple, the Cathedral, and the Church of St. Francis with its Chapel of Bones. Have a walk in the streets to enjoy some elements of Arab influence. An experience you will not forget.

And don’t forget!

The coast is becoming a trend. The coast is famous for having well preserved beaches, which are easily admired by those who are looking for little surprises.

Alentejo has a lot more to be seen due to its grandiosity, but these towns and villages can melt your heart from day one until you need to say goodbye. Come and enjoy a unique and intense tour.