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My Travel Notes: Dear Alentejo - Alvito

My Travel Notes: Dear Alentejo - Alvito

May 06, 2014

Discover a new Paradise in Alentejo: Alvito. Follow our trip through the heart of Alentejo and enjoy the best travel tips in Alvito!

Alvito is a quiet town of Beja, Alentejo Region. It is a tiny town with so much to offer: from Mediterranean weather, to nice places, streets rich of History, and friendly people. Follow our suggestion and discover an unknown destination in Portugal!

Summer days are coming… Just go and find this Pearl of Alentejo!

History & Culture – what to see!

Despite being a small town, it has a lot to see! You can start by visiting the emblematic Castle of Alvito. This monument has a military architecture and ii has been occupied since Roman times, with Islamic, Gothic and Manueline influences. Here, on the Republic Square, you will see the “Pelourinho”. It’s a national monument that marks the old parish of administrative autonomy.

You can visit the beautiful fifteenth century Church of Alvito known as the church of “Nossa Senhora da Assunção”. It has a mixture of styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance! And the Church of Misery and the Chapel of Santa Luzia, a beautiful white chapel, also deserves a visit.

The Fountain of Largo General Humberto Delgado is the fountain used to provide drinking water for the entire population. And in Vila Nova da Baronia, the old Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, also captures the attention of visitors... it’s a simple and small chapel, but very stunning. And the landscapes of this quiet place are like an impressive painting.

Thus, follow our advice and go to Alvito. Take a break for a while. Try a weekend break. Just go and explore the best of Portugal, find beautiful sceneries, witness the Portuguese History, meet friendly people and enjoy the best sunsets of your entire life!