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My Travel Notes: Dear Alentejo - Monsaraz

My Travel Notes: Dear Alentejo - Monsaraz

February 19, 2015

Discovering Alentejo. Monsaraz is a beautiful village which deserves a visit. Follow this tour and check our tips through Monsaraz!

Spring is back, hot days are coming, the clock is ticking... What about a break at Alentejo? Monsaraz is our suggestion for those who appreciate the good and simple things of life. 

Read this post and discover a unique and incomparable beauty of Portugal that lies through Alentejo Region! Welcome to Monsaraz…

Travelling through Monsaraz

I love to walk around Portugal and discover new and unexpected places. Thus, I decided to explore the unknown Alentejo Region and specifically the village of Monsaraz.

Indeed, Monsaraz is one of those places that deserves a long visit. And we can understand that briefly: reaching the village, there is an imposing and welcoming door that allows the access to the village – the Door Village. It almost seems an old painting. 

Monsaraz is an unusual place in Alentejo that makes us to return to ancient times: it is a historical spot, walled and medieval. This village dates from the prehistoric era and the megalithic monuments is a physical evidence of that.

I began my Monsaraz experience walking around its beautiful area. If you prefer, you can rent a bike or do a horseback riding trip. Monsaraz is rich in fortifications located near the Alqueva Dam, like Alandroal and Juromenha, the most famous. They are amazingly gorgeous!

And, of course, the iconic Monsaraz Castle. This castle was built by the Portuguese kings Afonso III and Dinis. The access to this walled castle is made via four doors: the Door of the Village, the Door of the Hole, the Door of Alcobaça and the Door of Évora.

Do not miss the opportunity to appreciate the local crafts and to buy one of the beautiful and traditional carpets! And you also should visit the Church of “Santa Maria da Lagoa”, one of the most important temples of this village. 

And among all the megalithic monuments, I suggest a visit to “Menir do Outeiro”. It weighs about eight tons and has more than 5,5 meters. It is one of the largest menhirs in Portugal and one of the most notable of the Iberian Peninsula – they call it “Penedo Comprido”, which means “Long Rock”.