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Ponta da Piedade: the most beautiful beach in the world

Ponta da Piedade: the most beautiful beach in the world

February 11, 2015

The expert team from Huffington Post travelled around the world, looking for the most beautiful beach: the name is Ponta da Piedade. Find this Portuguese beach!

The most beautiful beach in the world is Portuguese, according to the travel expert team of the Huffington Post. The name of this beach is Ponta da Piedade and is located near Lagos, Algarve.

Discover this wonderful beach, with such sublime and extraordinary characteristics that it seduces even the most demanding traveler.

A beautiful beach in Portugal

The expert team from the prestigious Huffington Post traveled through the world and visited ten beaches from different summer paradises. They traveled throughout Brazil, Seychelles, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, but in Portugal they found the most beautiful beach in the world.

In the article, this team begins by stating that they have "encountered incredibly beautiful beaches in the last week," but when they found the beach of Ponta da Piedade, Algarve, they had to return.

Ponta da Piedade beach was considered the most wonderful beach in the world

This beach is located in Lagos and they highlight the "cliffs so high that almost touch the blue, the blue of the sky". As they described, the splendor of this beach is so overwhelming, so exciting, so irresistible, that “it’s kinda hard to look at, it’s so beautiful”.

Discovering the beach of Ponta Piedade...

In fact, the beach of Ponta da Piedade is a hidden treasure in the middle of the Algarve Eden. Its cliffs are so high that some of them can measure 60 feet. These rugged cliffs sublimely contrast with the calm and blue-green waters.

Furthermore, it is full of giant caves, unknown bays and quiet beaches. Here the old fishermen gave a name to these great cliffs. General De Gaulle, Chaminé (Chimney), Catedral (Cathedral), Submarino (Submarine) or Gruta dos Amores (Cave of Love), are some of the deformed rocks that you will “meet”.

This beach has high cliffs and caves and you can navigate through them

A long and narrow stairway leads to a small cove, where experienced fishermen are waiting for the tourists in picturesque boats. Thus, people have the opportunity to explore this natural paradise, navigating through the giant stone sculptures, discovering all the secrets that these hide.

And combined with all this beauty, here you can watch several birds that fly so happy… Near the coast there are some islanders where we can find interesting birds in the slopes: Peregrine-Falcons, Crows, Jays-of-Nape-Grey or Royal and Pale Swifts. Breathtaking.

Completing this idyllic scenario, the crystal waters of this beach cry for a swim. After that, if you have a last bit of energy, you can climb the 182 steps to the top of the lighthouse, where you can enjoy a breathtaking landscape.

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