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Ready to discover the Southern Portugal?

Ready to discover the Southern Portugal?

October 28, 2013

Southern Portugal is a beautiful region with long sandy beaches. A must-visit when you are on a holiday in Portugal!

Explore a beautiful country with a magnificent heritage, enjoy its extraordinary food & wines, listen to melancholic Fado music and be amazed by the hospitality of the inhabitants during your tour through Portugal.

Portugal has a beautiful oceanic world, located on the Iberian Peninsula. It has a mild and sunny climate similar to the Mediterranean one, making Portugal a world of Sun & Sea. There is plenty to do for every kind of traveler: visit the famous monuments, explore & enjoy the wonderful scenery or relax on a long sandy beach. If this is still not enough, Portugal has even more surprises for you…

Come & explore the Southern Portugal

Discover the beautiful cities of Lisbon, Évora, Beja, Silves & Setúbal on our Southern Portugal Tour of 4 Days.

The amazing beaches that can be found on this Tour

Some highlights of the trip :

  • the Roman Temple, the Church of São Francisco with the ‘Bones Chapel’, the University & the Roman-Gothic Cathedral of Évora
  • a Tour of Medieval Castles in Beja 
  • the Moorish Castle & remains of the old cork industry in Silves 
  • the fantastic rock formations of Ponta Delgada 
  • a visit to the Nautical School of D.Henrique in Sagres 
  • the marine & fishing port of Lagos 
  • Natural Parc of Mountains of Arrábida in Setúbal

What else can you do ?

During our tours you will get enough of free time to go shopping, stroll around the picturesque villages & beaches or taste some wines & other delightful products.

If you are interested in this or other tours in Portugal, feel free to check out more of our Private ToursTour Packages or Day Tours