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Azores, the most beautiful place in the world to visit in 2016

Azores, the most beautiful place in the world to visit in 2016

January 21, 2016

Azores were considered the most beautiful place in the world to visit in 2016 by the National Geographic. Find out why with us!

Azores Islands were considered the most beautiful place in the entire world to visit in 2016. According to the prestigious National Geographic Traveler Magazine, the nine incredible lands placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean stand out, allowing the true harmony between visitors and Mother Nature.

Discover these Portuguese islands, with incredible landscapes, tasty Gastronomy and plenty of different and “green” activities along their volcanic soul.

Azores Islands... a great place to visit

Great news for Azores: It was elected by the Dutch edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine "the most beautiful place in the world to visit in 2016".

The article highlights some tourist activities that can be performed in the archipelago, such as whale watching, swimming with wild dolphins, walking or cycling through vineyards in volcanic soil.

According to Sabine Witte, since 2012 the archipelago stands out mainly in sustainable tourism allowing visitors and nature stay in harmony.

In fact, Azores is fascinating! In the blue expanse of the Atlantic, Mother Nature created a land full of natural beauty and ready to unravel its mysteries: Azores Islands.

In the eastern part of the archipelago, on the island of Santa Maria, the beaches are warm and the sand is clear, with hills covered with vineyards. On the biggest island, São Miguel, we blow away with the lagoons of the Seven Cities and Fire. The force from the earth is felt in the geysers, in the hot springs and volcanic lakes. These characteristics allows to cook and taste the delicious stew of Furnas cooked slowly inside the earth.

In the central group of the archipelago, the islands of Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, Faial and Gracious are harmoniously placed in blue sea where you can observe whales and dolphins that make the delights of who goes there. The Terceira island relates the history of Angra do Heroísmo, classified World Heritage Site, and its parties. Faial is reflected in the cool blue of the hydrangeas, in the colorful marina by the sailors’ paintings coming from all over the world and in the Capelinhos volcano that resembles a lunar landscape.

In Pico Island, we have the mountain that rises from the sea with its vineyards planted in black lava fields. In São Jorge stands out the Fajãs and cheese, unique specialty and unmistakable flavor. Graciosa is a green island of vineyards fields that contrast with its distinctive windmills.

In the Western part, on the Flores Island, the beauty of the natural waterfalls and lagoons dug by volcanoes are stunning. The small island of Corvo has a large boiler at its center and attracts many species of birds coming from Europe and Americas.

In Azores you can enjoy a range of activities: health and wellness, biking, geotourism, golf, whale watching, hiking, diving, surfing, sport fishing, bird watching, canoeing, Kayaking, horse riding, paragliding, sailing.

And we have the perfect tour through the islands of Azores for you! Discover this incredible treasure with our expert guides and you’ll be surprised with every detail of these lands, placed right in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s board on this trip with us... Ask us for a quote!

Welcome to Azores Islands. Nine islands that are so common and so different, where the friendliness of its inhabitants is waiting for you!