A Cruise Through the Douro Valley is the Next “Big Thing” in Portugal!
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Why a Cruise Through the Douro Valley is the Next Big Thing?

Why a Cruise Through the Douro Valley is the Next Big Thing?

March 22, 2018

A magnificent cruise through the Douro Valley is such a popular activity that became one of the main tourist attractions in Portugal. Discover now how an impressive cruise can impress you more than expected!

Portugal is the land of great promises and tourists have been showing an enormous passion for it. From South to North, this country has a lot to offer but in this article we are going to focus on the North and how impressive a cruise through the golden Douro Valley can impress you.

The Famous Wine

Try to imagine a calm and sweet travel through a river – considered one of the most beautiful in the world – while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Starting from Porto, a town that totally deserves a visit of yours, the cruise will take you to what might be the most inspiring trip you may ever have in your whole life.

We are talking about infinitely beautiful landscapes through the Douro Valley that look like a painting from the XIX century. It’s full of vineyards, full of colors that will warm your soul, and the quite – so peaceful! – will make your trip even more pleasant. From these vineyards our great wine is born and our famous Port Wine is definitely the finest choice one can have.

Some may feel the nostalgia in these landscapes, but others feel an intense will to explore, to understand how people maintain their tradition that has been surviving for years and years. Love is what makes these people dedicated and so passionate about what they do and this is what it means being Portuguese. We transform everything we touch into something special and Douro is an irreplaceable place that has been preserved for years.

When to Go?

Yes, this is exactly where the heart of Portugal beats. It doesn’t matter when you go, because from late March through December one can have this wonderful experience and enjoy the cruise from different perspectives and sensations.

Spring is ideal for those who love to have this picturesque landscape of flowers blooming while listening to the sound of the birds singing, but September would also be very interesting if you have never seen the harvest time and it is also when the workers are so highly attentive on what they are doing. Either way, a cruise through the Douro Valley will always be an intense novelty.

Vintage but Gilded

A cruise through the Douro Valley will allow you not only to enjoy the good wine and the outstanding landscapes but also to know more about the area and even become more familiarized with the culture. With us, you are going to have the chance to discover this region because we have everything carefully planned just for you.

Lamego will be the first stop and you may find this city quite interesting since it is an historic city and it represents the essence the old Portugal and of being Portuguese. One of the important stops is the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Towards Pinhão, a delicious lunch will be waiting for you, giving you enough energy for what’s coming. The village of Pinhão is a mandatory stop not only because of the lunch but also due to its absolutely breath taking scenarios with important wineries.

An enjoyable panoramic cruise between Pinhão and Tua is just what you need to soothe your soul. Afterwards, take the chance to appreciate a walk in Sabrosa, which is the highest point for some of our tourists, as there is a destined visit to a famous winery – “Quinta”. This last experience becomes even more interesting with the help of a guide who can help you understand a bit better the whole process of wine production.

And you can enjoy the most of these experiences in our magnificent Charming Douro.

A Label to Respect

Douro is unique, famous, and the apple of our eyes. Its famous Port Wine brands pass through a complex and slow process and later a bottle of this tasty wine goes to your table making everyone at it feeling satisfied and happy. It has become so important for the Portuguese that we now think of it as a label with spirit, something we need to protect but also to show to the world.

A cruise through the Douro Valley is full of good things: you learn about the culture and the process of wine making, you also enjoy a relaxing trip with impressive landscapes, and you even have the opportunity to stroll around some historic towns that you will never see in another place.

This is why a cruise through the Douro Valley is the next ‘big thing’ and we can’t wait for it!