El País Semanal Elected our Tour The Best Travel Plan in 2017.
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El País Semanal Elected our Tour The Best Travel Plan in 2017

El País Semanal Elected our Tour The Best Travel Plan in 2017

January 18, 2018

The prestigious Spanish online magazine selected our 6 Days Douro Tour as one of the Best Travel Plans in 2017. Discover the reasons!

Douro is the Northern essence everyone should try at least once in their lives. Here at ecoTours we care about giving the best of the best and our 6-day Douro & Porto Wine tour has been elected the very best travel plan that will make you lose your head.

In fact, the famous and notable experts of the Spanish magazine El País Semanal selected our Tour in 2017, among thousands of other trips through the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. A very pleasant and inspiring award, which recognises the quality, and originality of this trip. 

Check now the reasons why!

The Douro Tour

Ready for the perfect adventure of your life? Douro is this beautiful and golden place in Portugal that has been treated with all love and care by the Portuguese people. There are some tours carefully prepared but ours is something special. It will take you six days to experience the most significant details of this sweet corner of the country. You will love the most authentic experiences, trying to live like a local, and you will visit the most important and renowned sites of the Douro Valley.

The Douro Valley

This 6-day Tour will start when you arrive in Porto and you will be guided to the Douro Valley by one of our knowledgeable and friendly drivers, who will drop you off at the most comfortable Hotel. This first part of this Trip was idealised to make you have a first contact with the Douro Wine Region as will also have the chance to see some of its sites. Don’t forget this is only a suggestion and that you can always choose whatever is most suitable for you. Indeed, this is the best part: this Tour is exclusive for you and it is totally customizable. A superb Hotel in Douro Valley is where you’ll take the time to rest and prepare yourself for the next few days.

The Charming Village of Pinhão

The next day, and after having eaten a breakfast like royalty, the Douro Valley will be waiting for you with its majestic lands and warm colours. In the Douro Valley the landscapes are intense and unique, so take your camera with you to record all these memorable moments.

With an exclusive transportation the driver/guide will speak your language and will be able to help you and answer all the questions you may have about the region. Along with all these details, the driver will take you to the adorable and small village of Pinhão and this trip will end with something that will sweeten your day a little bit more: two famous wineries of the Douro Valley will be waiting for you. Their teams will explain you more about the process of the wine and what makes it a best seller and then you can have a delicious wine tasting.

Foz Côa (Côa Village)

On the third day you will embrace history at its best: Foz Côa, a UNESCO site, has the largest Prehistoric references in the entire world, fully decorated with paintings and engravings. There will be again the delicious opportunity of tasting excellent wines. The landscapes are lovely and you may find some of Foz Côa’s traditional products cultivated like olive and almond trees, and vineyards.

Wine Tasting and a Cruise in the Douro River

On the fourth day, the distinguished “Best of Wine Tourism”, our famous eighteenth -century winery is just breath-taking due to its amazing and priceless landscapes. When you finish this part of the day, our guide will take you to Pinhão where you will have the chance to enjoy a magical Cruise in the Douro River, which will show you all those wonders hidden in Nature that you can’t see while driving. Your journey in the Douro Valley is fully complete and you will be taken to the “always-undefeated” city of Porto, where you will have a great time in a Hotel resting comfortably.


Almost finishing, but the Tour is not complete yet. Actually, we couldn’t miss the lovely city of Porto. On the fifth day, the second city of Portugal has a lot to show you. Forget what you know about all the other famed cities. Porto is in, chic, modern, beautifully built with majestic buildings, and it also used to be the place where once the wine was transported by the river to other ships that navigated in the Atlantic Ocean. These curiosities and many others will be told you by our guide who will show the most important sites of Porto.

Saying Goodbye

On the last day and after a comforting breakfast, our driver will take you to the airport and you will surely take with you the most wonderful images of Douro, this gigantic place in Portugal.

Douro, a Place to Remember

Wine tours, unforgettable landscapes, hotels of extreme quality and service, a history lesson that you will really appreciate to learn… Douro is simply delightful and its quietness will make you feel at home, completely dazzled. Douro has this natural ability to make us dream and plan incredible Tours, because it’s so incredibly picturesque. While other cities are trying to become bigger, Douro is just here laying on its rivers with a straw in the mouth becoming innately and obscenely grandiose.

Now, let’s go! This 6-day tour through Douro and its little surprises are full of excitement and joy. Wine tours and tastings, Douro Cruises, the finest hotels, and really tasty food are going to make your days much better and life will become sweeter.