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You Should Go to Douro Valley: 8 Valuable Tips

You Should Go to Douro Valley: 8 Valuable Tips

June 06, 2018

Dive into the touching North and explore the breathtaking landscapes across one of the most famous wine regions in the world!

Portugal has a lot of places to travel to, but if you want a very special and romantic place, Douro Valley is your best bet. So, don’t worry, we have some tips for you!

Paint the Orange Leaves

Our first tip will be one of the best things you’ll ever heard. Douro Valley could be very hot in Summer and very cold and snowy in Winter, so we recommend you to choose the ideal season: the end of the Summer and the beginning of the Autumn. Besides, this season is when you’ll find it like a fairytale! The vineyards along the banks are painted orange and the warm colours pop up against the blue river and even bluer sky. The landscape is jaw dropping!

Drink a Glass of Wine

As the most famous vineyards are placed there, it’s obvious you’ve to try the wine that is produced in the Douro Valley. The various tastes and favours will dazzle you! The region is famous by producing the famed Port Wine, but ii also produces fortified and non-fortified wines. If you’re a wine fan we’ve find you a place.

Sail in the Douro River

Did you know you could experience a magnificent cruise in the Douro River? Could you imagine yourself enjoying a cruise through these magical and UNESCO landscapes? Plus, you can lunch aboard, while exploring this hidden gem in the Northern Portugal.

Visit a famous Winery, here named “Quinta”

Quinta is a place where you can experience the vineyard culture and taste wine, while learning something about its production. Usually, you can eat some entrees or even lunch. They choose the best traditional food that best goes along with the Douro wines.

Steam and Trains at Weekends

You won’t believe! There’s an old steam train (from 1925), which at every weekend goes for a trip around the beautiful Douro Region. It’s like Harry and Ron going to Hogwarts, but in Portugal! You’re going to love it! If you are a fan of historic films and unique experiences, we assure you can miss this journey to the past!

Resting on a Very High Place

Search for high places so you can see all the marvellous landscape! Some Wineries are also in these strategic places where you can have a panoramic view. From those places, you can enjoy the beautiful vineyards banks and the enchanting Douro River!

Go to See a bit of Ancient History

There’s an ancient archaeological site! Palaeolithic art paints the walls of Foz Côa, mesmerizing every single visitor. Imagine crimson art painted in rocks in the banks of a river. One of the best well-preserved prehistoric spots in Europe.

Have a Traditional Dinner

How could you end your trip through the Douro Valley if you did’t try the traditional food of these typical lands? The thing is to stop in a very regional restaurant – you’ll find them next to the river and by the roads – and enjoy the feast. The soul food and the cosy ambient will turn your travel to Portugal in an unforgettable experience.