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This is Why Everyone is Talking about the Douro Valley Right Now (beyond its Wine)

This is Why Everyone is Talking about the Douro Valley Right Now (beyond its Wine)

November 16, 2017

Romantic and stunning, the Douro Valley is your new dream destination!

In Northern Portugal, this hidden gem will dazzle you with its perfectly sculpted vineyards along the riverbanks and its gastronomy.

The Douro Valley is a World Heritage Site Wine Region with approximately 2000 years of past. According to UNESCO, you're stepping a winemaking valley full of History. The Romans started to cultivated vines in the valley and it was only the beginning of the journey. By the 18th and 19th Century, Port Wine started to reach English tables and started to make its own name.

However, Douro is so much more than its Port Wine. Food, people, landscapes and art, are just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a fact: The Douro Valley is one of the best Portuguese regions to eat.  In fact, The Wall Street Journal pointed it out as “Europe’s Most Compelling New Food Destination”. Luxurious restaurants and humble traditional ones are all over the place ready for you.

Traditional Cuisine is many times served along with Port Wine, but if you want a full experience and explore the gastronomic and the wine tasting side – which you’ll totally not regret - the dinners at (so-called) Quintas by the Douro is the perfect option.

Although green and gleeful at Spring and Summer, early Autumn is a great season to visit the Douro Valley. The orange-golden leaves contrasting with the twisting Douro River will amaze you at this time of the year. If you love photography, don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

Nevertheless, Douro Region has another hidden treasures. Once in there you can't miss the marvelous Foz Côa, Archaeological Park. Galleries of rock art paint the banks of the Côa River; full of History and enchantment it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to know one of the most ancient forms of art.

If you want – and you should – follow the river and explore unique landscapes, Douro has delightful traditional cruises capable to explore the views in a dream-like feeling. Douro Cruises will be able to make this a distinctive trip.

Fall in love – as many have already fallen – by Douro Valley and experience the Man and the Nature synchrony. If you don’t want to miss a thing from this experience try our Tours. You can do private and dive into our 6 days Douro and Port Wine Tour or, if you prefer to share the experience with people from different nationalities, you can try or 3 days Douro Charming Tour!