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Lisbon by Night: The 6 Coolest Spots you Can't Miss

Lisbon by Night: The 6 Coolest Spots you Can't Miss

February 18, 2019

Lisbon is like one of those cities that were made by the hands of powerful beings. Due to its rich history, culture, and cool spots, we invite you to take this journey with us through the streets of Lisbon and discover some of its hidden secrets.

If you’re visiting Lisbon right now and still have no idea on what to do latter, search no more. We’ve discovered some amazing places to live the nightlife of this Portuguese capital like a true local. So, what are you waiting for? Stroll through the narrow streets of this historical city and discover the best of Lisbon, after the sunset!

LX Factory, the Centre of Art

This used to be an abandoned industrial area that was created in 1846. The whole manufacturing complex gave life to Alcântara, but it was totally renewed in 2008 and has become this wonderful spot.

Think of it as a big atelier, where art is evident and everywhere. From traditional restaurants to concerts, this idea came to refresh this abandoned area, which is now a mandatory stop for all tourists.

The LX Facotry space is also home for design companies and studios.

Time Out Market

This cool market is probably the most interesting culinary spot in Lisbon. At Time Out Market is possible to see and eat the fresh fish from our waters, the delicious meat, and other fresh products that are grown here in Portugal. However, and to make it even more inviting and interesting, it is also possible to find here great pizza, sushi, and vegetarian dishes. Nham!

Time Out Market houses about 30 restaurants and bars near Cais do Sodré. Moreover, some of these restaurants are run by some Michelin-starred chefs.

Portas do Sol

Looking for great views without spending a lot of money? Portas do Sol is a splendid viewpoint perfectly placed in the historical centre of the city. This location offers great views over Alfama rooftops or even the Tagus River.

Ideal for everyone, Portas do Sol is a nice terrace and bar/restaurant to relax and have a break with a drink. Just enjoy the view.

Lisbon by night becomes colourful and the lights that lit the streets give more enchantment to them.

Watch a Footlball Match

We, Portuguese, live and breathe football and we assume it as part of our culture. In Lisbon, football might be seen as an obsession – a healthy one! – and the stadiums are wonderful masterpieces that you can’t miss.

When in Lisbon, try to see if there is any match happening at night and buy a ticket. Excitement, tears, and happiness are honestly guaranteed during the entire match. This way, you can have an idea of what is like to support a team in Portugal.

In Lisbon, the most exciting matches would the ones in which either Benfica or Sorting play.

Bairro Alto

This is such a great place if you want to have fun and socialise. If you come with friends to the capital of Portugal you should definitely spend a night here.

You will see people from different nationalities and cultures having fun holding a drink in their hands. This spot is fully dedicated to the nightlife and it is also the oldest neighbourhood of Lisbon. It is fun, lively, and everyone is invited.

Here, on Bairro Alto, there is only one rule: relax and enjoy the evening.


Of course, we could not finish our article without talking about that one thing that defines the Portuguese music: Fado. We all sing it, more or less, but that doesn’t mean that we are all exceptional singers. No way!

However, you should come see some Fado shows at night while enjoying a nice meal or a fancy drink. Fado, recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO, is all about the heart of the Portuguese and our melancholic feelings.

Our Lisbon Fado Tour is an excellent activity to do at night. You will be taken to several famous streets and then to a traditional restaurant where you will enjoy a typical Portuguese dish, while listening to an incredible Fado show.

The next time you visit Lisbon, your to-see list should include these 6 cool spots. After visiting them, you will feel and understand the importance of all these cultural activities in our society. The Portuguese people are very welcoming and we can’t wait to show you our spots.