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Dinner with Fado: enjoy a new experience

Dinner with Fado: enjoy a new experience

January 02, 2014

Try a new experience in Lisbon: a Traditional Dinner with Fado Show. Enjoy the mixture between this World Heritage Music and delicious Portuguese Cuisine!

Portugal has a lot to offer. One of the most peculiar aspects of this country is its gastronomy. But today, Portugal has another speciality in which it can be proud. The legendary music of Fado has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

So... why don't you mix both treasures in one and unique experience? In a journey through Lisbon, try a different an enchanting dinner with Fado.

What is a Dinner with Fado?

Fado, a typical music from Portugal, finds its origin in the capital of this country, Lisbon. But the music is spread all over the country and it can be heard in different cities. However, the genuine Fado, that melody which uses lyrics and poetry to tell tragic stories of the sea, lost loves and the pain of poor people, remains a symbol of the capital.

The History doesn't tell us precisely how this music began, but it was certainly born in the districts of Lisbon. Alfama is a typical district and probably the cradle of this emblematic portuguese music. So we found the best scenery for a perfect dinner. Enjoy the tranquility of a fado show while you relish a typical meal, in a characteristic restaurant. 

The combination couldn't be more sublime: a delicious and typical Portuguese dinner, in a melancholic place, while the "fadista" sings to us her stories, accompanied by the smooth melody of the twelve-stringed Portuguese guitar and the six-stringed viola. Just imagine the superb environment that is waiting for you.

Surely, you will listen to impressive voices, will live intense moments, will be thrilled and you will laugh a lot. And at the end of the Fado show, some restaurants provide a curious suggestion: you can sing and dance folk dance and traditional rhythms. Everyone is involved. Everyone is invited to be part of this amusement.

Where you can find a Fado Dinner...

Fado recalls to the Portuguese word "saudade" and, in spite of being very hard to define it, this word describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deep desire. That's the feeling that will be in your memories after this astonishing experience: a delightful recordation that will make you want to return. Visit Lisbon and join this wonderful experience. We have special program, in which you can experience an incredible evening with Fado melody and traditional meal: Lisbon by Night Tour.