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Discovering an Enchanting Lisbon

Discovering an Enchanting Lisbon

January 15, 2015

From the most typical side of the city to monuments and gastronomy, here is everything you’ll not want to miss while visiting Lisbon!

Lisbon, I am sure you've already heard something about this city of light. If you don't, I can guide you through it. Portuguese capital, often compared to Paris mostly because of its natural beautiful light during the day and at night all Lisbon is lit up, to show that even when the night comes it doesn't loses its luster.

Here you will find tips to travel through Lisbon city in only one day. Going from monuments that are the city's identity; passing to its charismatic narrow streets and tasting its unforgettable gastronomy.

We will also have time to visit typical neighborhoods and important squares to do some shopping. Wouldn't be a real trip without do some shopping, don't you think?

Without further delay, let's begin our tour through the beautiful Lisbon city. Shall we?

The Adventure in Lisbon Begins…

Walking the streets of Lisbon you can see in many places the extraordinary Portuguese stone sidewalk pavement, manually placed one by one little stones shaped as squares in black and white colour, forming various abstract patterns.

Lisbon has the usual bustling of any European capital, however as we move along to Tagus River we feel a sense of peace appreciating the fascinating landscape that it presents us, ahead we can admire one of the most symbolic Lisbon bridge and architectural exemplar, the 25th April Bridge.

Going by tram...

We take the opportunity to suggest the tram ride to be familiar with the city's heritage, this public transport with at least 50 years of existence, usually yellow flows through the city spreading its color.

Going on our tram ride we can get out to appreciate São Vicente de Fora monastery, a magnificent master piece of mannerist architectural style, raised in one of the seven city hills.

Behind the monastery is Santa Clara's wasteland where in certain days of the week there is a kind of itinerant market, called "Feira da Ladra" where everything is bought and sold.

Combining Fado music and the typical life in Alfama

Our next stop will be Alfama, the oldest and one of the most typical neighbourhoods of the city. Along its narrow streets of Moorish peculiarities you will see lanes of residential houses and grocery stores, which give it a distinct village atmosphere.

Continuing up there the St. Jorge Castle an excellent viewpoint of the city and Tagus River, a breath-taking view without any doubt.

"Looking" over the river we can admire the precious Lisbon Cathedral with its majestic facade.

Straight to the elegant Chiado hill, we can stop almost in front of the famous coffee shop “A Brasileira” (The Brasilian), where is the extraordinary statue of Fernando Pessoa an influential, intellectual genius of Portuguese poetry.

Old Heritage in the Capital

Going down Chiado hill, we will towards to “Praça do Comércio” (Commerce Square) or Terreiro do Paço as is also known. An incredibly large square similar to the ones you can find in Spain cities, with an impressive portal that allows you to pass to the river bank sidewalk. It seems that you are entering the gateway to enchanted world of Lisbon.

For us to take you to know the most we can in Lisbon we will walk along Tagus river to Jeronimos Monastery, one of the most stunning monuments that adorn the city. Played essentially a religious and historical role to the city and for that in 1907 was declared National Monument. Despite that its remarkable architectural style led that in 1983 UNESCO classified it as World Heritage.

New Architecture and Styles

Are you tired? I think you are enjoying very much our tour. Aren’t you? Let’s continue to see Belem Tower that accomplishes this year 500 years of existence. In spite of being so old, don’t you think that is still beautiful?

Throughout our route it is worth paying attention to the buildings architecture, the facades covered with exceptional hand painted tiles and Art Nouveau friezes style. 

Eating the Best Gastronomy

From the salty to the sweet Lisbon offers the best of the Portuguese cuisine. Riverside town and nearest to the sea, fish can be the main course, like the incredible grilled sardines or the typical codfish.

Getting to the dessert the sweet “Pastéis de Belém” are a taste that you will never forget. Even if you are not the kind of person that eat a lot of sweets once you taste this one you will love it. Crispy on the outside, with a little bit of cinnamon on the top its ready to be eaten, very smooth cream inside, melts in your mouth.