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Galapinhos - The Best Beach in Europe

Galapinhos - The Best Beach in Europe

July 06, 2017

Galapinhos, in Portugal, was considered "The Best Beach in Europe"

One might wonder about such a question. Most travelers tend to associate beach and sunbathing with more tropical exotic destinations. Nonetheless it is not only possible as it is rather cheap and easy to spend holidays by the Oceanside still within Europe, while also enjoying a beautiful view.

Just this year, 2017, the beach of Galapinhos was considered “Europe’s Best Beach” by the Brussels based European organization, European Best Destinations.

This first place seems well-deserved once you get to know Galapinhos and its surroundings.

The beach is located at Arrabida Natural Park, in Setubal, hence its beauty and quiet location. The park itself is a protected, well preserved area. A perfect location for a hike and it makes up for a well spent relaxing vacation. An incredible breathtaking place where one can stand amongst a grand extension of old imposing trees and diverse flora on the Arrabida Mountains. And simultaneously by the blue calm Atlantic waters.

The beach is not easily accessible by car, since the site is more pedestrians’ friendly, precisely what makes up for this special place. Its visitors need to walk first through the immense and a little bit wild area surrounding the beach and, after this stage, they will be rewarded with this Mediterranean paradise.

It is Galapinhos untouched beauty that makes it extraordinary and so captivating. European Best Destinations in fact mentions: “Travellers from around the world decided it was the most beautiful beach in Europe, the perfect beach in an unspoilt nature.”

The Galapinhos’ beach is placed in Setubal, a city just on the outskirts of Lisbon so if you’re staying in our capital, Europe’s best beach will be less than one hour away by car. We will happily provide you a private tour to take you to this magical spot.

So, ask us for a free quote and any further information that you may require!