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Secret Escape: 10 Great Spots in and Around Lisbon

Secret Escape: 10 Great Spots in and Around Lisbon

November 19, 2018

Lisbon, the capital and biggest city in Portugal, is in the top of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. From breathtaking views to castles, palaces and monuments, Lisboa really deserves a visit. Discover why!

Lisbon and its surroundings have such beauty that become even more interesting in winter. Some of these places are already famous among tourists but there is a lot more you don’t know. Come take this journey with us!

Why Visit Lisbon?

Travels through Portugal are unique experiences that you shouldn’t miss. This time we have planned a trip around Lisbon, which is special during this time of the year.

Winter is not really a bad thing in Lisbon. Despite the cold, the temperature here is probably the nicest in all Europe. In fact, the streets get more beautiful and there is this cosy smell of something burning, like chestnuts or wood, and another great benefit of the low season is the reduced number of people visiting the capital, so you avoid the crowds.

Besides, everything is cheaper during the low season and so it becomes more accessible for anyone who wants to travel to Lisbon.

Bairro de Alfama

The oldest and most iconic neighborhood of Lisbon comes to life in June during the typical festivities celebrated in that month. This very famous place used to be outside the city and only the poor people lived there.

However, Lisbon started growing immensely and it became an important port and so this neighborhood started gaining a better and bigger reputation.

Its narrow streets amuse tourists because every corner is a little grace. Don’t forget to see the castle of Lisbon and the Cathedral.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

A symbol of the Portuguese culture, this Monastery was built in 1502 during the Age of Discovery, a period in which Portugal was greater and today we still have many monuments from that time.

Some of the important Portuguese figures’ tombs were placed in the Jeronimos Monastery, namely Vasco da Gama (a Portuguese explorer who was also the first to navigate to East and to India) and Luis de Camoes (author of The Lusiads).

Pena Palace and its Parks

An adorable attraction for tourists who are looking for a place that takes their imagination away to fairy tales. A symbol of Romanticism, this palace was built somewhere in the 19th century. It’s decorated with mythological statues and its magical interior is also worth seeing.

Furthermore, you should definitely stroll through the gardens and lakes. Fernando II, our King Artist, with is full creativity was the one responsible for the creation of these gardens in the 19th century.

Quinta da Regaleira

A little bit more modern than the previous places, this residence was built in the 20th century and it is situated in Sintra.

Its gothic façade is absolutely outstanding but you should also give particular attention to the gardens. With hidden tunnels and full of symbolism, these gardens become even more thought provoking as you stroll through them. There are very interesting statues of creatures and animals. 

Azenhas do Mar

Let’s move a little bit more towards the coast and explore our stunning beaches. Azenhas do Mar beach is located in Sintra and it is particularly famous for its enormous cliff with houses that go from the very top of the cliff to all way down.

The landscape is intense and great pictures are often taken here. It is so beautiful that it has inspired some painters like Milly Possoz or Júlio Pomar.

Cabo da Roca

Every Portuguese has visited Cabo da Roca at least once and so you can imagine how important this place is for our culture.

Also located in Sintra, its panoramic view makes every visit worthwhile.

Estoril Casino

Looking for a gambling adventure? Our most famous casino is also the largest casino in Europe. Moreover, it is equipped with highly advanced technology that makes every event fascinating.

The offer they have in animation and concerts do attract a lot of people. Apart from this, the Black and Silver Room can accommodate up to 900 people. There is also a disco, an Art Gallery and bars.

Castle of Óbidos

A very impressive castle not very far from Lisbon invites all tourists form all around the world for a visit. You just need one day to stroll through this lovely village.

The castle started to be built during the 8th century by the Muslims but in the 12th century, during the Christian “Reconquista”, the Portuguese King overcame both the place and the castle.

Castle of the Moors

This medieval building dates back to the era in which the Moorish occupied the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century.

The views from the Castle of the Moors gives you a clean and green view and if you stroll through the walls you will absolutely feel like you are living in a different time.

Inside the Castle you can visit the Chapel of São Pedro, which includes two incredible Romanesque doorways and paintings.

The Diogo de Bragança Equestrian Art Library

The 8th Marquis of Marialva was a great collector and a horse rider and dedicated a large part of his life to this hobby. Today, his valuable library can be found in a magnificent building and it is the house for several collections that range from the 6th to the 20th century.

This library is also located in Sintra, at the National Palace of Queluz.

Now your trips around Lisbon will be more interesting with all these impressive things you can explore. Each monument and building contemplate a huge part of our culture and we love when tourists appreciate it. Our Lisbon & Surroundings Tour takes only four days and it promises an incredible adventure to all these places and some others. And if you prefer a 1 day Tour, we can check our amazing Trips from Lisbon, and discover the best of Lisbon. Welcome to Portugal!