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Lisbon, one of the best cities for Spring Short Breaks

Lisbon, one of the best cities for Spring Short Breaks

March 17, 2014

Lisbon was elected as one of the 10 best European cities for Spring Short Breaks by Fodor’s Travel. Discover why!

Sunny, sunny, sunny days! Finally the sun is backing to Portugal! Wondering to travel in the Spring Season? Portugal is one of your best choices. The problem will be to choose among the lovely places that you can find on this country. But Fodor’s Travel gives you a hint!

For Fodor’s Travel, the largest Tourism publisher, the capital of Portugal Lisbon is a good option: it was considered one of the best European cities for a Short Break on Spring.

Spring Short Break in Lisbon: “an adventure in a fairy tale”

For Fodor 's Travel, the largest Tourism publisher of the world, there is no doubt: Spring on the European continent is unique! And it’s worth knowing!

The Journalist Anisha Shah, who discovered the 10 best cities in Europe to visit on this season, says that "the romance in Europe becomes even more attractive than at any time of the year [...] in addition of being rich in heritage, architecture, art, music and food, the cities of this continent are preparing the reception of their visitors with spectacles of flowers along its elegant boulevards, shimmering coastlines, fine wines and a huge catalogue of museums and shops to visit".

And beyond this pleasant and irresistible invitation, Anisha says that Europe will be the center of the world on this season. It will be "a new center where everything happens, a metropolis of new trends to shop and spend some time on the beach".

For all these reasons, Fodor's included the beautiful capital of Portugal on this travel circuit. Lisbon is now part of a shortlist of 10 compulsory best cities for Short Breaks on this time of the year.

About Lisbon, Anisha highlights the pleasant climate of the westernmost capital of Europe, its beaches, the surroundings of the city, its nightlife in "Bairro Alto"... in short, all the charm of Lisbon at this time of the year. For Fodor 's Travel, going to Lisbon on spring means to live “an adventure in a fairy tale on a global city that is experiencing a kind of rebirth.

The surroundings of Lisbon: the complete travel package

A trip to Lisbon will never be complete without a visit to Sintra. And even on a short break, there will always be time to visit the romantic city of Portugal, "covered with castles". Really, really close to Lisbon.

Near Lisbon there is another mandatory place. Cascais must be included on this package and there you will enjoy unforgettable walks.

For all of this, Lisbon figures on the Top 10 of the best European cities for a mandatory spring visit. Apart from Lisbon, the other European cities of this list are: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Riga (Latvia), Budapest (Hungary), Copenhagen (Denmark), Belgrade (Serbia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Matera (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and Montreux (Switzerland).