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Lisbon: The Second Best European Destination for 2015

Lisbon: The Second Best European Destination for 2015

February 19, 2015

Lisbon was considered the Second Best European Destination for 2015. Among 20 cities, almost 38000 votes placed Lisbon on the top of the ranking. Discover now!

Lisbon was considered the Second Best European destination for 2015. The contest “The Best European Destination” analyzed 20 European cities and highlighted the capital of Portugal. And so, this year Lisbon is certainly a mandatory destination!

This white and “illuminated” city, radiated by sun during all the year, received 37,621 votes. A remarkable position in the contest, which elected Bordeaux as the best touristic paradise of Europe for 2015.

After the champion Porto… the victory of Lisbon!

On 10th February, the winner of The Best European Destination for 2015 was announced. After the champion Porto in 2014, the contest elected Bordeaux as the best European destination. But just below this beautiful city, Lisbon won the second position.

Lisbon caught around 37,621 votes, less five thousand votes comparing with the winning city. The organization, which is a Non-Profit Organization of consumers and experts, highlight Lisbon as the "illuminated city". And why? Because the “almost constant presence of sunshine and the River Tagus transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colours - highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty”.

With 37.621 votes, Lisbon was considered the second best European destination Furthermore, Lisbon is a fun city, with a nightlife that can satisfy even the most demanding traveler. In addition, its parks, gardens, cafes, terraces and sights provide unique and relaxing moments, as well as its wonderful gastronomy, luxury hotels, SPA’s and shopping centers that will make an incredible touristic experience.

This year's contest analyzed 20 astonishing European destinations. The Top 5 contains the following favorite cities: Bordeaux (France, 42,396 votes), Lisbon (Portugal, 37 621 votes), Athens (Greece, 20 184 votes), Valletta (Malta, 21 658 votes) and Riga (Latvia, 25,627 votes). People could vote online, from January 22 to February 10. In short, around 244,696 consumers voted.

The non-profit Organization highlighted the beauty and amazing characteristics of the capitalThe Best European Destination is a contest held since 2010 and Portugal was awarded many times: in 2010 Lisbon won the first position, as well as Porto in 2012 and 2014. This year, the honorable second place belongs to Portugal, a position that Lisbon also achieved in 2013.

We leave you with some images for your inspiration... and do not forget: travel to Lisbon!

For all these reasons, visit Lisbon: one of the greatest European destinations