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Reasons to Travel (or Live) in Lisbon

Reasons to Travel (or Live) in Lisbon

June 09, 2014

Traveling to Lisbon? Discover the 31 reasons why Global Post says that we “should all be living in Lisbon right now”.

Well, well, well… Sunny and warm days are coming to Portugal! This is a perfect to visit Lisbon, its lovely Capital. And if you are not confident about the reasons why you must travel through this marvellous city, why not read an independent point of view? 

Discover the reasons why Lisbon is so charming, according to Global Post, the American’s World New Site. Moreover, discover the 31 reasons why we “should all be living in Lisbon right now”. 

Reasons to fall in love with Lisbon

There are no one, or two, or three reasons to fall in love with Lisbon. According to the American newspaper Global Post, there are exactly 31 reasons. And falling in love is an understatement. For this newspaper, these are the reasons that will make people want to live in Lisbon. When? Right now!

The article emphasizes the 31 reasons "why we should all be living in Lisbon right now". And they have no doubts in remembering at the beginning: "balmy beaches, superlative seafood, buzzing nightlife - that's just the start". Indeed, this was only the beginning because nothing was forgotten in this article. Lisbon was entirely analysed and, as they promise, it will enchants everyone.

In addition to the uniqueness of the warm and mild weather of the capital of Portugal, the lively and joyful night that we can enjoy in its streets and the fabulous and inexpensive Mediterranean diet with fresh food and delicious seafood, there are more arguments: “Rome cannot match” with the landscapes of Lisbon from the seven hills, "the religion of football” that is so vibrant and contagious, the pleasant Belem pastries full of filling and History and the typical and genuine streets of this city streets where "getting lost is a delight."

And there are more! Much more! The magnificence of the yellow and nice Tram 28 is a pleasure, the delicious coffee known as bica is the best, the typical “ginginha” that can be drunken all over the city, the “modernists neighbourhoods”, the music of Fado, the marvellous aquarium which is probably “the greatest aquarium in the world”, the charming houses which have “more colours than a box of Legos” and the great shopping that “can take you back in time”.

Furthermore, Lisbon smells good, just like the song “it smells good, it smells of Lisbon”. And the imposing Chiado is a really must-see, as well as the “fairy-tale fortress up in the hills” – the well-known Pena Palace. And why not? Living here means tasting the delicious ice creams of “Santini”, means deal with “loads of Culture”, means getting a shoe-shine for less than $3. It’s like a blessing of the Gods, isn’t it?

Live or be a tourist and travel to Lisbon right now!

Are your questions answered? So, travel to Lisbon right now and discover a marvellous city full of charm! We have the best programs waiting for you:

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