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The Gardens of the Romantic Sintra

The Gardens of the Romantic Sintra

April 22, 2020

Walk through Sintra’s Gardens, you will be amazed be their mysticism, romanticism and magic. Find some of the Gardens that you have to visit!

Surrounding the cosmopolitan Lisbon, Sintra appears as an adorable village mostly known by its romantic and inspiring gardens. Nobody stays indifferent to them even those who say that aren’t romantic.

Discovering the Gardens of Sintra

Sintra is the Portuguese perfect place to show biodiversity, environmental sustainability and natural beauty. Here are some of the most world beautiful gardens spread over several natural parks that you must-see through this village. Come in our tour through Sintra and find out what makes these gardens so magical and romantic!

Let’s make a short tour through Monserrate Park, Pena Park and Regaleira Park. Three of the most impressive gardens of Portugal. We are going to start with Monserrate recognized internationally...

1. Monserrate Park

Near Sintra’s historical center, Monserrate Park has gardens that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Designed by the romantic mind of Francis Cook, an English millionaire, the gardens have species from all over the world and they are organized by geographic areas according to their origins.

Throughout exotic trees, waterfalls and lakes, there’s no better place to be. Admiring even the tiniest detail like a bee landing on a flower to collect pollen, a flower blossoming, the sun between the trees, the soil’s and wood odor.

With incredible enchanting and relaxing scenarios, this garden is certainly one of the richest botanical Portuguese gardens. Due to this unique beauty, it won the European Garden Award as ‘The Best Development of an Historical Park or Garden’ by the European Garden Heritage Network (EGHN) and the Schloss Dyck Foundation.

Monserrate Palace and Park complement each other so the romanticism is complete

2. Pena Park

We head to the village symbol, Pena Park, where the iconic Pena Castle is located. Built on a highly point of the village, it is distinguished by its wonderful architecture with Arab and Moorish features, surrounded by an immense vegetation and sets of various tree species.

In these Park with 200 acres everything is fantastic, from the various paths to walk, bridges, caves, park benches, pergolas to the simple fountains taken from divine scenarios.

Walking through this passionate paths you can see small houses. Years ago, these were the houses of king’s guards and servants. You will also see greenhouses and nurseries with camellias - the ex-líbris flower of Sintra -, ‘rosas de cepas’ (a specific kind of rare roses) and master pieces like statues.

Pena Garden is Sintra's Garden ex-líbris

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this place, with so many species from all over the world, especially the flowers. Just try to appreciate its singularities, its shapes, its odors and its colours. Indeed, it is the most important center of Sintra’s Cultural Landscape and it is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

3. Regaleira Park

Beyond its magnificent garden, the ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ is also a treasure for its majestic and mighty Palace. Here’s a curiosity for you: the diversity of ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ is enriched with esoteric themes symbolisms. Feel the mysteries and the suspense around you… I’ve told you that this gardens are magical!

Strolling through the paths traced through the vegetation and huge trees, we realize that on the lower part of the ‘Quinta da Regaleira’, the garden is organized and care, but going up it seems wilder, reflecting an ideal primitivism.

Going in the direction of Regaleira’s Palace we walk through what looks like a king and queen’s path. Here you almost feel that you are being blessed and protected by the Greco-Roman Gods, so perfectly aligned statues like: Venus, Orpheus, Dionysius, Fortune, Hermes, Pã, Flora, Ceres and Vulcano.

The esoteric Regaleira is fascinating

Another point of interest that we cannot miss is the ‘Poço Iniciático’. It is a beautiful underground gallery, sinking about 27 meters inside earth, with access by a monumental spiral staircase supported by arches and columns. And if you look all the way down you can see all of the cardinal points. It is the best way to find yourself and (who knows?) your love.

And so… what do you think? These are our suggestions and we believe that are a perfect destination. They are romantic and the best place for dating’s or wedding proposals. Or even for smaller things like a surprise to the person you love or a simple walk with holding hands. No matter what, between flowers and the romantic scenario that involves this places, we don’t believe that your love could ever say no to you.