Exploring the Madeira Island, Portugal's best-kept secret. Travel Blog
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Exploring the Madeira Island, Portugal's best-kept secret

Exploring the Madeira Island, Portugal's best-kept secret

November 14, 2017

Madeira Island is a hidden Paradise placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Discover it now!

The awarded Madeira Island is once again the stage of our great attention. The pearl of the Atlantic’ has shown how such little places in the world can be prodigious and totally worth visiting. Once you go there, you simply want to go back to the island of the everlasting Spring.

Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2017

Oh yeah, it’s yours again, Madeira!

Have you ever asked yourself why Madeira is still a great winner? Well, focus on the word quality because this Island has plenty of it. Portugal should admit its best-kept secret is becoming extremely popular among all ages and all nationalities. Europe’s Leading Island Destination is getting stronger and stronger with its rich culture, stunning views and dedicated people who will promise you the best stay.

Madeira Island has been Portugal's secret for years, but the world is discovering it

Traveling in you, Madeira!

Lovers of great food, tropical landscapes, and different but wonderful beaches will immediately fall in love with this place of ours - Madeira is not a beach destination, but Porto Santo has a little surprise for you. This archipelago is the mother of three other amazing islands, which are so uniquely distinctive and they absolutely deserve to be seen. Asking yourself which place you can go next? I think you already have got your answer.

What to do in Madeira Island?

Traveling through Madeira is quite an exciting thing to do. Once you planned to go there, make sure you use comfortable clothes and shoes because you are about to be swept off your feet with this incredible corner of the world.

First, rent a car and take a camera with you: the island is so worth visiting that it will force you to make some stops and take fantastic pictures; it’s a small island, but there is so much to explore and see that it would make Indiana Jones deeply jealous.  

This island is full of amazing places to photograph

The Madeira Aquarium: a mandatory experience and a relaxing escape from our ordinary lives. This Aquarium will show you some impressive creatures of the sea world and you can also have the opportunity to dive into an outer pool with an instructor that will teach you how to use the appropriate equipment for diving and how to control your breath under the water.

Natural seawater pools: in the northwest of Madeira Island, Porto Moniz says ‘hi’ to you with these incredible pools. It is surprisingly beautiful because it’s one of those things we have in this big, big world and we really should try. It’s different from the usual pools due to its unreal volcanic rocks, which give it a natural and exotic quality.

Madeira's natural pools just seem as they came out of a paradisiac island

Whale and dolphin watching: kids love it! With almost 80 species in the world, at least 29 swim in these waters, and you will see 1 or 2 of them spinning and swimming along your boat. They are a lovely and available to make new friends. Have I told you to take a camera with you?

Cabo Girão: the highest cliff skywalk in Europe. With a glass-floored platform, it promises you an outstanding view that immediately gives you goose bumps and makes you dream; it inspires you. We’re talking about a height of 580 metres: a must-see above the sea, the world.

Cabo Girão's cliff skywalk has an amazing view over the island

The beach of Porto Santo: ok, you are more like a beach lover, right? Porto Santo, or the “Golden Island”, is the right place for you – yes, the large seashore of golden sands has given the island this iconic name. Your next holidays will be full of relaxation, partly because of the crystal seawater, but also due to the environment of healthiness. It is a guaranteed boost of energy.

Food & Drink: ah, and please try the food! The delicious tomato and onion soup, the açorda (made from pieces of bread, garlic and poached egg), and espada (black scabbard fish), which are just a few examples of what you can taste in Madeira, will put you into an enriching gastronomic trip that you might beg for more. To enjoy any dish, the Madeira wine or poncha (a traditional alcoholic drink: distilled alcohol made from sugar can juice, honey, sugar, lemon rind and lemon juice) are the perfect complement for a traditional meal.

Poncha is a traditional and refreshing drink

Madeira is similar to a “surprising box”. Imagine you can open it, smell it, and explore it. That is exactly what it is. There is so much to offer that it is impossible to define it into only one word. That is what makes the Tours in Madeira so special: one cannot basically stop walking.

Already convinced? Ask us for a free quote and we will suggest you the best places to go, what to do and, please, allow yourself to dream.