Madeira Island: The Incredible Wildlife, Green Beaches and Ocean Views
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Madeira Island: The Incredible Wildlife, Green Beaches and Ocean Views

Madeira Island: The Incredible Wildlife, Green Beaches and Ocean Views

December 03, 2018

The Madeira Island, way out in the Atlantic, is a place of eternal springlike weather. With incredible places to visit and typical experiences to try, this is a perfect destination. Just travel now!

Our wonderful Madeira Island inspires thousands of tourists every year with its mild temperature and mostly sunny days. Consider the following article as your next Madeira Island travel guide and embark on this adventure.

Madeira Island: The Advantages

Travelling to Madeira means that you will find a subtropical weather that provides excellent conditions to make this island the most attractive in Europe.

From January to December, Madeira is a very welcoming place for those seeking adventures, quietness, or something else more exotic. However, travelling in autumn is a great advantage if you like being away from the crowds and touristic areas or overbooked tours.

Moreover, the flights and hotels are cheaper.

Nature also gets more intense with all its beautiful and sparkling colours, the splendorous wildlife reveals wonderful species you only see in books, the variety of flowers is another characteristic of this island, and the ocean invites surfers from different parts of the world to hot the waves.

Madeira Island: The Most Typical Experiences

How can such a small island provide so many different experiences to tourists? The answer is quite easy in fact. By taking advantage of all its powerful Nature, Madeira is an interesting place for outdoor activities:

Dolphins and whale watching: you don’t want to lose the opportunity to watch dolphins and whales from a boat. Some of these experiences include snorkel equipment if you want to swim with these wonderful mammals;

Scuba diving: with amazing eco marine parks Madeira is definitely the right place to scuba dive. The natural observatory under the water will present you a beautiful perspective of both fauna and flora;

Paragliding: pure excitement and very safe, paragliding is another experience tourists tend to join in Madeira;

4x4 Excursions: looking for a more terrestrial excitement? 4x4 tours will give you the best views of the island that you wouldn’t be able to see by foot.

Catamaran: these relaxing trips through the coast are available in different packages, but we highly recommend you a trip in which you can enjoy the sunset;

Surfing: waves tend to be particularly more inviting at this time of the year and the beaches are not crowded, which makes this an attractive scenario for surfers;

Paintball: if you are going with a group of friends you don’t want to miss this experience, which is for adults or kids;

Snorkelling: another aquatic activity in the best place in the world that will show you an impressive volcanic landscape underwater.

Madeira Island: Places to Visit

Geographically, two main islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, form the beautiful island of Madeira. There are other two smaller islands: Selvagens and Desertas. And Madeira Island has more thing to do and places to visit. Just check now:

Pico Ruivo is the highest peak you will find. This fantastic place is great if you are looking for adventure and want to get close to the sky.

Pico do Arieiro has probably got the most breath taking landscape you will ever see in your entire life.

The beautiful capital, Funchal, is both modern and authentically historic. Take some time to drink a glass of wine of the region in Funchal and visit the Sacred Art Museum.

The picturesque village located in Câmara de Lobos is only 8km away from Funchal. It has a formidable historic centre and you should prepare your camera because you will find a huge cliff called Cabo Girão. Impressive photos are taken in this place.

Another small village surrounded by green bushes and mountains, Curral das Freiras, only had its first road connecting this place to the rest of the island in 1959.

And Porto Moniz with its beautiful natural pools of turquoise blue water, highly appreciated by tourists.

Madeira Island: The Perfect Tour

If you would like very much to explore this island in a wonderful tour, you should know we have everything prepared for you. Our 6-day-Tour around Madeira Island was fully thought in tourists’ tastes and here we give you the excellent opportunity to visit the places described above and more.

It starts in Funchal, the capital of the island, and then the trip is planned to take you to the other places where you will find amazing views and will also experience some delicious meals and drinks. On the penultimate day, you will also have a typical evening in which you will taste an Espetada beef on a skewer with Bolo do Caco, polenta, and salad.

This is your next trip. An exciting travel to Madeira will absolutely steal your heart. Don’t forget to make a list of the things you want to do and book a Tour with us. In this way, you don’t need to worry with anything else!