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Madeira, the "adventure destination" for Huffington Post

March 18, 2015

Discover why the newspaper Huffington Post considered the fantastic Madeira Island one of the best adventure destination in the world!

The Madeira Island has been appreciated all over the world for its natural beauty. The green landscapes, the flowers, the fresh air and the peaceful environment are some of the ingredients that make Madeira Island one of the most acclaimed tourist destination in the world, especially for Ecotourism.

But the international newspaper Huffington Post found much more charm here… According to the portal, this pearl of the Atlantic is one of the best travel destination in the world for adventure!

Madeira, the Garden of Portugal is amazing for adventure

Madeira is a wonderful destination, not only due to the extraordinary hospitality, but also thanks to its amazing Nature. Indeed, with a quiet and traditional style, Madeira Island impresses with its natural and stark beauty and it is, definitely, the true charming “garden” of Portugal.

Over the years, this island has been discovered by thousands of tourists worldwide, and has becoming an eclectic destination, which attracts fans of all different styles of vacations.

Indeed, after the wide range of compliments received by the international Press, Madeira is now considered one of the best world destination in the world for adventure Tourism! The well-known newspaper Huffington Post highlights its hearty wines, laid-back lifestyle, world-class surfing and the stunning trails along misty volcanic ridges.

For this portal, the rocky peak Arieiro is one of the best treasures of Madeira. The trails of green eucalyptus is a mesmerizing scene and the landscape above the clouds is breath-taking.

One of the highlights of Madeira is its "lush interior and stunning trails along its misty volcanic ridges" - Huffington Post

"The most rewarding climb is definitely Arieiro, a rocky peak whose trails travellers through verdant eucalyptus forests to a lunar landscape high above the clouds" - Huffington Post

"Madeira, along with the Azores, is one of Portugal's Atlantic archipelagos which has traditionally been famous for its hearty wines and laid-back lifestyle" - Huffington Post

"Madeira has been increasingly popping up on the adventure tourism radar thanks to its world-class surfing" - Huffington Post 

Madeira, the true "Garden of Portugal" and its charming festivities 

Madeira is also a charming place for lovers


How can I visit Madeira?

Madeira, one amazing island of Portugal, is undoubtedly a must-see place. For adventure, for trekking, for ecotourism, or just for relaxing. Believe us, Madeira is almost like being in a beautiful and charming garden. Get your free quote now!