Off-the-Beaten-Track Destination for Epic Adventures: Arouca
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Off-the-Beaten-Track Destination for Epic Adventures: Arouca

Off-the-Beaten-Track Destination for Epic Adventures: Arouca

November 30, 2017

The daring and bucolic Arouca is waiting for you!

Arouca is located near Porto but – unfortunately - much less known. Arouca is the perfect place if you’re an adventure seeker and also if you are searching for Sustainable Tourism.

Arouca is a Geopark

The Arouca Geopark is one of the biggest in Europe and it offers you audacious experiences. Here, you’ll be able to engage a lot of extreme intrepid sports such as rafting, climbing, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, mountain bike and more! In fact, the entire region of Arouca is a geopark - recognized by UNESCO. Leave your fears at home and get ready to explore the true nature!

Breathtaking Landscapes

The beautiful harmony between its river and mountains turns Arouca in a must-see place. The Paiva River has a beautiful pedestrian wooden bridge and walkway, known as the famous "Passadiços de Paiva", where thousands of tourists head to in the summer, trying to enjoy the must of this amazing site. The Paiva walkways are stunning and you can have your bold adventurous moment walking through them and seeing nature, taking the most astonishing photos.

Speaking of rivers and landscapes, in Arouca the most incredible exploration paths, such as PR5 - Storm Route, where you’ll be able to follow the Paiva river, take a short swim if the weather is fine and explore some of the most traditional Portuguese villages. If you're looking for a smaller route, try the PR16 - Exotic Route, where you can pass by a wonderful waterfall, actually the biggest one in continental Portugal. Make sure not to miss this wonderful routes!

Discover the Geospots

As the entire region of Arouca is considered a geopark, along it you can find some amazing geospots so prepare to learn about the indigenous spices of animals and plants. Once in the Paiva walkways, there's a always the oportunity to have a bird watching experience and, if you're lucky, you can even spot some bats! Squirrels, does, dozens of different butterflies, crows, and snakes, are just some of the incredible species you'll find here.

Arouca's Geopark is the perfect way to teach you – and if you have children, it will be a wonderful experience – the importance of Sustainable Tourism and how a world full of green and nature is gorgeous.


Are you a fan of geotourism? Arouca is the place for you! Mines, steep rock landscapes and archaeological sites, Arouca has them all! Just in one tiny region - 328 square kilometers - you can enjoy it all and you will have the best of both worlds (or all of them). The beautiful geosites are spread all over Arouca and, once here, you will be able to choose some itineraries. Prepare your backpack and get ready to explore all of this amazing natural itineraries!

In Arouca you’ll be capable of have an extreme adventure, climb some mountains, take a deep breath in the wonderful walkway where you can relax and watch the sunset. Or you can even learn more about the fauna and flora and the geopark itself. An adventurous sophisticated trip to Portugal. Live the time of your life, live adventures in Arouca.