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Fatima Secrets Revealed in May

Fatima Secrets Revealed in May

February 06, 2015

Discover why you should visit the holy city of Fatima in May and find out what makes this city so mystical and takes thousands of pilgrims every year to go there!

Fatima is the Portuguese religious center and it’s a city with a mystic and spiritual atmosphere. It’s also an intriguing and interesting city to visit. Thousands of pilgrims travel to this city on May. And you can ask “why is that?”... Due to the celebration of the apparitions of the Holy Lady Fatima to the 3 shepherds. And more recently, people also started to relate it to Mother’s Day.

Are you ready to discover why you should visit this holy place? Let’s start our trip, dear travellers…

A long time ago a miracle happened in Fatima…

The 13th of May is the day. However on the 12th , or even before, a crowd starts to arrive to the city from all over the world. I know that you are probably thinking: “but I’m not a religious person. Why do I even care?”

Fatima it’s not only for religious people. It’s true that there are many people going there to fulfil promises, to pray for their loved ones, to commemorate the apparitions. But Fatima is also a very beautiful city and people from different nationalities, rich or poor, healthy or sick, believers or agnostics, get all together in the same place. 

Has I’ve told you before, May 13th is the day. The Catholic history says that, a long time ago, the 3 shepherds Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta were grazing the flock and the spirit of the Holy Lady appeared. She told them that they had to pray and appear on that place, on the 13th of the next five months. And for that 5 months the holy Fatima appear to them.

Therefore, the May 13th is the first day of the apparitions and that’s why it is so important for people of faith. And this mysterious event is still remarkable nowadays. On the local of the apparitions, the Apparitions Chapel was built and you can visit it and admire the image of the Holy Lady of Fatima. This sculpture is located at a specific place, in order to show exactly where the apparitions occurred.

To complete the Mysticism: Fatima’s Sanctuary

Besides the Apparitions Chapel, you must visit Fatima Sanctuary. It’s huge and majestic, and it is set in a large square. As you will notice, this white building it’s so big that almost does a semi-circle.

On the 13th May this square is absolutely crowded and everyone wants to see the image of holy Fatima, during the traditional procession. It is transported by some men and everyone is always expecting to see it. 

Important Tip to Experience The Best of this Holy City

Here’s an advice if you’re thinking on visiting Fatima, in May. In order to experience the people’s humble spirit, the mysticism, the History, the exchange of experiences with people from every corner of the World, book your hotel and tour now.

You have no idea the amount of people that goes to this city. However, for all the reasons mentioned, we do think that every single person, religious or not, should visit to witness the grandiosity of this place.

If you need some suggestions and/or help to book your trip to Fatima, please count on us for anything!  Do you want join us?