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Fátima: The Icon of Pilgrimage in Portugal

Fátima: The Icon of Pilgrimage in Portugal

March 19, 2015

Fátima is one of Portugal's oldest pilgrimage destinations. Discover this religious city, its must-see places and the History around them!

Fátima is located in the Central Region of Portugal and it is considered the most religious city in Portugal. Today, it is known worldwide and visited by numerous pilgrims throughout the year.

If you are organizing a trip through Portugal, you can’t lose the opportunity to visit this charming city and its must-see places. We can give you some hints! Pack you luggage and travel now!

Fátima, a holy place in Portugal

Traditionally, Portugal is a religious country. Everywhere you can see a lot and different exhibitions of faith. Furthermore, this country harmoniously merges the culture, the History and the religion. And Fátima is the most extraordinary example of that.

Being the greatest icon of pilgrimage in Portugal, here you can witness the most unshakable beliefs of Catholic people, and also enjoy the gorgeous architecture and its compelling historic places. Discover this charming city and, certainly, you will fall in love with it!

The apparitions of the Lady of Fátima

In the beginning, Fátima was only a small unknown village where daily life, calm and peaceful, marked its inhabitants. However, on May 13th, 1917, three little shepherd witnessed the bright light of "a lady dressed in white", the Lady of Fátima.

This was the first of six appearances made by Our Lady of Fátima to the shepherds, always on the 13th of the month. This phenomenon led to the development of the today`s status.

The most suitable time to visit this city is during the Fátima pilgrimage days on 13th May and 13th October.

The most interesting places to visit

During a tour through this city, you can visit and explore the Fátima Shrine. Here you can explore the imposing neoclassical Basilica. Inside it you can see the tomb of the three shepherds. The Sanctuary highlights the Great Holm, the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Lausperene Chapel and the monument that owns a piece of the Berlin Wall.

You can also visit the House of the Shepherds and the Ethnographic Museum. Go to the north of the Sanctuary, and enjoy the Wax Museum and the Museum of the Fatima Apparitions in 1917. In the South, you have the Museum of Sacred Art and Ethnology of Fatima.

How can I visit Fátima?

The best way to enjoy the most extraordinary experience in Fátima is joining a tour. It can be private or a group trip, but with a nice guide you will learn everything about this city. During one day, you can discover this magic place, considered one of the most charming European destinations.

Instead of this one day tour, you can join our Religion and Traditions Tour, on which you will travel to the most beautiful religious monuments of Portugal, crossing cities such Lisbon, Fátima, Coimbra, Porto, Braga, Guimarães and Santiago de Compostela. A different but gorgeous way to discover this little but delightful country.