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Festival of Chocolate: the tastiest event of the world!

Festival of Chocolate: the tastiest event of the world!

March 18, 2014

Forget the diet and welcome to the International Festival of Chocolate in Óbidos. Discover the tastiest event in the world!

Who are a chocolate fan? Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate. Powder, molten or solid. Here, there are chocolates of all colours and flavours. A caloric event, but so tasty and traditional that it is an icon of Portugal.

Discover with Travel Blog the charming world of chocolate, in the typical and magical town of Óbidos.

Festival of Chocolate – Forget the diet for a while!

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies”. Brillant-Savarin said. And he was right. Chocolate… that magic word that makes people happy. Chocolate… that strong word to which people cannot resist. Chocolate… that insane word that makes us commit the sin of gluttony. For all chocolate fans, this is the ideal tip – and for non-fans as well. And for those who are fans but not admit it too.

And if many cannot resist to the word, what happens when is a whole village of chocolate? The typical Portuguese village of Óbidos is the stage of the tastiest event of the world. It exists for 12 years and it is becoming a trend. Forget the diet for a while and welcome to the International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos!

Travel to Óbidos and discover the world of Chocolate!

Everyone who is visiting Portugal at this time, won’t certainly want to miss the opportunity to see the medieval village of Óbidos transformed into a real chocolate factory. Here, the chocolate is art…. and what an art!

Every year, about 200 thousand visitors come to Óbidos with an ascertained palate. In the morning and evening, the village keeps calm and tranquil. But during the day, Óbidos gains a new life, Óbidos awakes, Óbidos lives an authentic bustle of hosts and tourists. Here we can breathe chocolate. Chocolate with several smells, colours, shapes and sizes.

 The major topic of this edition is the Lisbon Zoo, which celebrates 130 year (is a must-see place too). So, do not be surprised if at all corners you see various wild animals craves in chocolate. Among lions, giraffes, ostriches, parrots… they are about 50 animals.

But there is more. There is much more. Beyond these chocolate sculptures, this event has several initiatives, such as the chocolate factory, exhibitions of Cake Design, Bodypainting, Kids Cooking, Showcooking, fashion chocolate show and various contests – contest of storefronts in chocolate, contest of chocolatier of the year and contest of chocolate recipes – among other initiatives.

And if you haven’t “tasted” yet this delicious event, do not worry! The International Festival of Chocolate in Óbidos takes place until April, 6. Come to Óbidos because, seriously… who can resist to such a pleasant chocolate?

The chocolate can be powder, molten or solid. Chocolate can be dark, white or with milk. Indeed, there are good situations in which to sin pays off. Do not agree?