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More and new surfers on Nazaré

More and new surfers on Nazaré

January 02, 2014

There are more and more surfers on Nazaré beaches. Visit this town and discover the world famous surfers!

The Canyon of Nazaré is more furious than ever and, nowadays, everyone is looking for it: the surfers challenge the giants winter waves of its waters and people want to be side by side to famous surfers, while they are visiting one of the most fantastic towns of Portugal.

This is the perfect scenario for a visit to Nazaré and you can have the chance to witness a new world record. The wave of Carlos Burle can be the new biggest wave surfed in the world.

The waves of Nazaré, Portugal, made another surfing hero

The beaches of Nazaré are more alive than ever. More furious! More angry! The perfect scenery for surfers who come from the four corners of the world to challenge the fury of these waves.

A few days ago, we told you how these raging waters have charmed and provoked the most fearless. One of them is Garret McNamara, a famous surfer, who surfed the biggest wave in the world here, in the town of Nazaré. Now, Garret McNamara is back and he is ready to beat his own record. But this task, in Nazaré, is very hard...

The epic waves of Nazaré are mentioned throughout the world. More and more new surfers come and try to make their mark in the panorama of the surf world too.

On the 28th of October, more giants waves were challenged in the famous Nazaré Canyon. The Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle and the British surfer Andrew Cotton did not hesitate and surfed with courage and bravery. Now, they are waiting for the official results to know if one of them beat the record achieved by McNamara. Is this the biggest surfed wave of the world? 

There is only a photo of the wave suffered by Carlos Burle. Everyone is waiting for the results, but nevertheless, it was, certainly, one of the biggest waves surfed in the world.

This last photo shows the happiness and the surprise of the surfers and theirs fans. And this is the most attractive characteristic of a surfing beach: we never know what the sea holds for us.

If you aren’t a surfer, you should follow our advice and do not venture yourselves into the winter waters of Nazaré beaches. However, it’s one of the perfect times to visit this fishing town. Visit Nazaré, one of the most enchanting towns of Portugal, and meet the world’s renowned surfers who will be here until December. We have some suggestions for you: