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Nazaré, the Town of Surfing Beaches

Nazaré, the Town of Surfing Beaches

February 28, 2014

Visit Nazaré, its most important sites and surfing beaches. And enjoy the giant waves of the famous surfer Garret McNamara!

Portuguese people always knew the potential of Nazaré beaches. These beaches have their secrets and that's why they are so amazing: they are a pleasure in summer, they are dangerous in winter. Knowing this waves is to make the most of them. 

That's what the world famous surfer Garrett McNamara does and he jumps the danger waves of winter for breaking down boundaries and surfer even greater waves. And now McNamara is back and this is the perfect scenery for a trip through Nazaré!

Visit Nazaré and meet the waves of Garret McNamara

At this time, the waves seem to be alive on the Nazaré beaches. They are giants, dangerous and they're striking. Is the force of Nature in all of its splendours and, for this, it's an enormous and astonishing scenery that catches our attention. And so, a trip down the coast of Nazaré will be worth.

And if you book a trip right now, you can have the chance to observe the world famous surfer Garrett McNamara in action. This surfer put Nazaré on top of the surfing world when he showed the range of this sea that always excited the bravest: in January 2013, he surfed a biggest wave of 23.77 meters, improving his achievement of 2011.

And, after McNamara, a lot of renowned surfers have tested their limits. Nazaré is, undoubtedly, one of the places where we can find the biggest and the most consistent waves and has won the Guinness World Record award for the largest wave ever surfed. And that's why this small and fishing town is a must for any surfer.

So... this is the best time to travel through Nazaré! Even if you do not have the courage to wade in and deal with these giant waves, is the perfect scenery for discovering this beautiful town, its sites and costumes, while you can watch one of the most popular shows in the world, and you can stay side by side with the greatest figures of the surfing world.

Visit Nazaré!

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