Reasons that Prove Santiago de Compostela is an Underrated Destination
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4 Reasons that Prove Santiago de Compostela is an Underrated Destination

4 Reasons that Prove Santiago de Compostela is an Underrated Destination

April 10, 2018

The final stop on the epic “Camino de Santiago” pilgrimage trail is a marvellous city, imbued with an enigmatic aura and cultural heritage. Discover why you must visit this medieval land this year!

The most underrated destination. Full of life and culture, visiting Santiago de Compostela is a life changing experience.   

Today we brought you four reasons why you should visit Santiago de Compostela. What are you waiting for?

The History

As Santiago de Compostela is in the Northern Spain region of Galiza. Being a bit unexplored, it is the last stop of the Way of St. James, which is a traditional spot for Catholic pilgrims of Portugal, Spain and even France. They come to visit the famous Shrine of the apostle Saint James. It’s believed that St. James has his remains buried in the Cathedral so it’s a holy place for the majority of the people who visits this medieval land. The mystic aura makes a visit to Santiago de Compostela an unforgettable journey. Besides, the streets are linked back to medieval times and including the dark Spanish past with Inquisition.

The Architecture

As it has a Cathedral of 11th-13th century with a Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque style, all the city vibrates with these styles, painting the streets and the buildings with a different groove. The urban landscape atmosphere is magical. The “Praza Cervantes” is a huge example of the dark stone buildings in the frontier of the modern and the old but also “Praza do Obradoiro” is an elegant square, full of History. Definitely, a hidden gem in Spain.

The Food

As you’re in Spain the food is literally the main dish of your trip. The Galician dishes like “Pulpo a la Feria”, which is a juicy octopus with paprika, “Empanada Gallega”, a pastry stuffed with tuna or meat, or even the “St. James Cake” are mandatory. But also, the famous “tapas”, the best pub food or street food you’ll ever try. Travel to Santiago de Compostela is compulsory for all the foodies out there.

The Life

The life on the streets is dazzling. Poetry, small street concerts, violins, paintings being sold, the streets are full of energy. The loud conversations and the streets full of passionate people will make you embark on a special journey. That life that is so characteristic from the North of the Iberian Peninsula. If you want to explore the life in the Northern you have to try our trip from Porto to Santiago de Compostela (with also a visit to beautiful Viana do Castelo). This incredible Tour is a mix between North Portugal and the best of Spain. You’ll not regret!

And if you prefer a journey only for your group, just go private! Explore Santiago de Compostela with our private driver/guide and this tour can also be customizable.