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Hush: The Calmest Retreats in Portugal

Hush: The Calmest Retreats in Portugal

October 15, 2018

Sometimes, you simply need to relax. Re-connect with your inner-calm in Portugal, in lovely and memorable places!

Did you know Portugal has an adorable wild side? You don’t need to spend more time looking for those places. We have selected 6 Portuguese wonders for you to enjoy your next break. Visit Portugal to run away from the crowds and the city stress.


A place of an enormous beauty, Bussaco has got everything we want: monuments, good restaurants, and verdant landscapes. The park, with 105 hectares, is classified as National Monument. In the 6th century Benedictine monks settled all the variety of trees you find in Bussaco and the delicious fragrances you feel in the air.

The Palace of Bussaco is a wonderful building built in the 19th century. It used to be a summer palace for the royal but it was later transformed into a magnificent and luxurious hotel.


Tomar is that lovely town each Portuguese likes to visit. This quiet place used to be an influential town for the Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century because it was the religious centre of the Knights Templar. Nowadays we call it the Templar City.

Those who feel inspired by History and Nature normally are those who visit Tomar. This combination brings tourists to the town who will find that nightlife is not really a big thing here but long meals in restaurants and the conviviality among friends transform the days into special moments.

Our Route of Templars Tour will take you to Tomar but it will also take you to other wonderful places that once witnessed a great part of our History. 


The most incredible peninsula. When we look at it we feel as if we were somewhere else and the silence there makes us forget everything else. This is priceless. A hidden village where - once again - both History and Nature play an important role. It was once used as a military strategic point in the beginning of our Nationality.

The village is becoming depopulated and today we can count 400 people living there. However, its scenic landscape makes it the most beautiful village in Portugal and - shush! - it’s a secret.

Ponte de Lima

Right in the North of our wonderful country, Ponte de Lima is a cool village to visit and explore. Rural and medieval, Ponte de Lima is a photogenic village whose centre is full of typical Portuguese cafés and gardens. Apart from the centre, if you explore the outskirts of the village you will find astonishing vineyards with amazing colours.

Everything here is so candid and charming. Take time to enjoy a walk in the gardens of Ponte de Lima, have a swim in the outdoor swimming pool and learn more about our History with the azulejos (tiles) in the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Gothic Church. And if you prefer, you can join our magnificent trip to this beautiful place and you can also explore the incredible Viana do Castelo!

Vale do Côa

Famous for its gallery of rock art, Vale do Côa has received tourists from all the world who find archaeology interesting. This magical place makes you travel in time and it is also a great idea to take kids for this walk in History.

We have prepared the most incredible tour for you. Our World Heritage Tour will show you our most notable monuments and sites in less than 10 days.

Arcos de Valdevez

And last but not least, another adorable place for our adventurous tourists - Arcos de Valdevez. It is surrounded by Nature and beauty, typical from a village of Minho. The verdant landscapes and the Vez River transform this place into one of the calmest retreats in Portugal.

Our 6-day adventurous Tour  will take you to the most emblematic and picturesque village of Portugal: Sistelo, located in the incredible Peneda-Gerês National Park. Once you get here, you will also be able to enjoy breath-taking landscapes.

And this is it. This short travel guide will definitely make your next trip to Portugal much more interesting in case you are looking for somewhere quiet, inspiring, and lovely places!