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Travel Tips - Sunset in Marvão

Travel Tips - Sunset in Marvão

May 29, 2014

Looking for a marvelous place to visit? Travel to the walled village of Marvão. We’ll share with you some useful and important tips!

Marvão is purely one of best places to visit in Portugal. And it is a mandatory stop. The order came from the magazine Times that elected Marvão one of the “1 000 places to see before you die”. 

And our travel tip is simple: do not miss the sunset of Marvão!

Marvão, a single walled village

Marvão is a quiet walled village with historical traces everywhere. You cannot miss the sunset here… it’s absolutely stunning!

Enjoying the natural beauty of Marvão means to visit to the stunning 13th century castle that offers an amazing view over the surrounding areas. Just follow the path to the fortress and the landscapes are amazing. Stand there for a while and you will witness one of the best sunsets of the entire world.

You can also find Neolithic and Roman remains: visit the Roman road, the ruins, the Roman bridge and the City Ammaia Museum, located near this village. You can’t also forget the Municipal Museum and the House of Culture. And your trip can end with a visit to the viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Penha and a quick dip in the river pool during summer days.

Furthermore, if you want to travel to Marvão in November, you can enjoy the popular chestnut festival and taste some of the best chestnuts of Portugal!

It will be a simple travel but it will be a dreamy journey.