Travel Tips: The Best Trip Through Obidos
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Travel Tips: The Best Trip through Obidos

Travel Tips: The Best Trip through Obidos

May 06, 2014

Discover the romantic town of Obidos, the Second Best small European Destination. Follow our suggestions and enjoy a gorgeous trip!

Do you need a break? Our suggestion is to discover the “second best small European destination”. Are you still confused? Explore the world-known, traditional, romantic and friendly town of Obidos, in Portugal. 

Follow us and find the best suggestions for a sublime trip through this Portuguese town!

Portugal Next Stop: Obidos, Portugal

Obidos is a town for Tradition lovers. Obidos is for those who love the Portuguese soul. Obidos is for romantics and for families. Obidos is for explorers and for relaxed people. Obidos is for everyone who wants to discover the “second best small European destination”. This title was awarded by, an international portal for independent travelers.

Therefore, enjoy the hot days that are coming and join a fantastic tour through Obidos. It will definitely be an amazing tour! And we’ll share with you some of our best suggestions...

Obidos, a medieval trip

Obidos is approximately an hour's drive from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. In spite of being near to this large urban center, is the ideal place for a calm and quiet trip... It is a unique refuge.

This town is also known as the "wedding gift". Old people say that Obidos was the wedding gift of King Dinis to his wife, Queen Isabel. And it's easy to guess why Obidos was the chosen place: Obidos is the personification of the ancient beauty of Portugal, with its cobblestone streets lined with beautiful houses and churches and colorful flowers such as bougainvillea and geraniums. It looks like that it was taken from a historical film.

The castle is the main character of this script. They say that it "looks like it's straight out of Lego kit". Its walls date from Moorish times and walking along them is one of the best ways to appreciate this village and its beautiful surroundings.

Obidos is not only a village known for its romanticism and charm but also for being a true National Monument. Touring this historical place will not just provide an incredible experience but also a great opportunity to know the country’s fascinating History.

Do not forget the Obidos museum located in the town hall on Plaza Santa Maria. This museum features the extensive collection of archaeological finds and century-old paintings and sculptures. You can also visit Alcobaça, a town located close to Obidos, where the ornate tombs of Ines de Castro and D. Pedro, Portugal's legendary Romeo and Juliet, remain.

And do not lose the chance to explore the Obidos Lagoon. It is absolutely marvelous for walking, strolling or just for relaxing. It is considered Portugal's Silver Coast mainly for its soft silvery sand. And for the most adventurous travelers, there are a lot of water sports that they can jump.