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10 Things to do in the City of Porto

10 Things to do in the City of Porto

February 04, 2016

Explore the city of Porto with this list of 10 remarkable things to do in Porto. Activities and moments just for you!

Porto is not only the second biggest city of Portugal. Porto is much more than that. Porto is the contrast between old and new, Porto is the heart of its genuine people, Porto is tradition and the shadows of future.

This charming city is one of the most emerging destinations in Europe and the focus of thousands of tourists this year. Do you want to travel to Porto? Ask us for free quote or follow our list of 10 things to do in this marvelous city.

Discovering Porto...

Porto is one of the most fascinating European cities. Its magnificent architecture and spectacular location along the Douro River make it a city with unparalleled and memorable landscapes.

Porto is a city of neighborhoods and hidden charms, intimate spaces, gardens, traditional markets and amazing museums. It is a town with proper, characteristic and authentic character that is proud of itself, of its people and of its history. Porto is a nation!

For these reasons and many others, Porto is a city which must appear on your list of cities to discover this year!

So travel now and just enjoy! With endless opportunities, it will be an amazing trip! And, of course, our friendly team will help you on this visit and leaves here a list of 10 things to do:

1 - Visit the Port Wine Cellars and taste the delicious nectar known worldwide (our delicious Port Wine)

2 - Enjoy a Bridges Cruise on the Douro River and enjoy unique landscapes of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia from the “golden” river

3 - Relish the sunset while drinking a beer in Ribeira or Foz

4 - Taste Francesinha, a sandwich with a special sauce, considered one of the best sandwiches in the world

5 - Watch a game of Futebol Clube do Porto at Dragon Stadium. It is a very known Portuguese team, one of the best in Europe, and you will witness the passion of its fans.

6 - Visit the Lello Bookstore, the library that inspired the Harry Potter saga and that is considered one of the most beautiful in the world

7 - Be sure that you visit the railway station named São Bento, one of the most amazing in the world, with its historic tiles that represent historical events

8 - Go to the Bolhão market – what a lovely spot - a typical market on the downtown where you can find genuine people of the city

9 - If you are a nightlife fan, take a drink in Porto downtown in the epicenter of the “movida”, where daily life is excited

10 - Cycle (or try a segway) through the city from Ribeira to Foz and discover the town waterfront where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean!

We hope that these suggestions provide you an incredible journey at Porto! Travel now!