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What to Do in Porto? 5 Absolute-Must-Do Things!

What to Do in Porto? 5 Absolute-Must-Do Things!

May 15, 2018

People are often both surprised and impressed that such a small city has so much to offer in the way of Culture, Arts and Activities. We organised a special list just for you!

So, you’re coming to Porto and still don’t know what to do? Here’s a nice list that we have carefully prepared for you.


There is no beauty like this. Serralves is the most important Portuguese Museum of Contemporary Art, but the museum offers much more than that. Absolutely art-oriented, this wonderful piece of art promotes culture at its best, giving tourists and locals the opportunity to appreciate what is unique and valued.

Every year, Serralves prepares different kinds of artistic programmes, such as music shows and art exhibitions of contemporary artists. There’s a strong connection between Art and Nature and this is what makes Serralves so special; its gardens are a definite must-see and Serralves doesn’t know ages – it’s a place for everyone.

Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace)

This can be a place where all lovebirds like to go for a walk and it’s completely understandable, but also families like to go there and have a good time. Besides its romantic atmosphere, these gardens were created under an idyllic orientation, designed by a German architect, Émile David, in the 19th century. The name given to the Gardens belongs to an old Palace that was replaced by the Rosa Mota Pavillion, whose shape reminds us of a dome. These are definitely the most beautiful gardens in Porto.


When tourists visit Portugal, it is guaranteed that they visit Ribeira. It has got life and it’s the most iconic part of Porto. It’s beautiful any time of the day and there is a lot going on in Ribeira: the nicest restaurants and bars, street musicians and other artists, the so famous Luis I Bridge (a masterpiece from XIX century), the Douro river with its Rabelo Boats and, on the other side, you can see Vila Nova de Gaia with its famed wine cellars. Ribeira is exactly what defines Porto as a city in all its total essence, because it is energetic but melancholic and these features has also inspired many artists all over the world. Porto is Ribeira, and vice versa.

Lello Bookshop

You have never seen a bookshop like this. If I tell you that the moment you step in the Lello Bookshop you will believe you are in a Harry Potter movie? That is precisely what everybody feels.

The third most beautiful bookshop in the world inspired J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to elaborate Hogwarts with all its details. Lello Bookshop is architecturally fascinating with its neo-gothic façade and, on the inside, there is a red stairway and wooden walls full of books. This was a place where famous people used to go, but nowadays it is an attraction for tourists and we can tell you that you cannot visit Porto without visiting Lello Bookshop.

Wine Cellars

Here is a thing: if you come to Porto, you know that you must visit the cellars and try the different kinds of wine. And why is that? To get to these cellars you just need to cross the Luis I Bridge and be amazed by the other side of Porto – Vila Nova de Gaia. Along Gaia you will be able to find some famous wine cellars, such as Ferreira, Cálem, Churchill, and Taylor’s.

Inside these cellars you have the opportunity to ask for a tour guide who will provide you a wonderful experience. Besides this, there is also a marvellous building in blue tones called Porto Cruz, which was created to give us a full experience of wine tasting associating culture and tradition to it. Once there don’t forget to go to the 360º terrace to admire a stunning view.

And your next travel to Portugal will have Porto in the list, right? These experiences will make your trip richer and interesting and it is ideal for those who are in love, for families or for those who are alone enjoying an outlandish stay. Book a private tour through this emblematic city and our friendly guide will show you the best of Porto!