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Casa da Música - A Spectacular Concert Hall

Casa da Música - A Spectacular Concert Hall

March 11, 2014

Casa da Música (Porto) was recently elected one of the most spectacular concert halls of the world by the notable Emporis. Discover why!

Casa da Música (House of Music)… that unique, imposing, emblematic building. Located in Oporto, Casa da Música appears as a giant and modern meteorite fell in the middle of the old and traditional beauty of this city.

This building was recently highlighted by the company of data mining Emporis, which gathers and publishes data and photographs of buildings around the world. Emporis considers that Casa da Música is one of the 15 most spectacular concert halls of the world!

Casa da Música: from a bizarre meteorite to a spectacular architecture

Casa da Música in Oporto was built to mark 2001, the year in which Oporto was Cultural Capital of Europe and it was the first building entirely dedicated to Music, in Portugal.

Inaugurated in 2005, Casa da Música makes people dream, even before the show started: “these concert halls also have remarkable architecture, offering the audience a great show even before people sit on their seats”.

All of its architecture is harmoniously balanced and framed and it is a kind of “avant-garde” meteorite, which fell in one of the oldest parts of the city of Oporto. In the early days, people were surprised with such a huge break with the traditional routine. But quickly they fell in love with one of the most attractive buildings of Portugal and, nowadays, this building is a proud of all Portuguese souls.

Undoubtedly, "the shapes, colors and attractive materials" make the House of all Songs one of the great emblems of Portugal. And now, is one of the most charming and charismatic concert halls of the world!

This building, which has the remarkable signature of the prestigious Rem Koolhaas, appears highlighted by Emporis, among other 14 music rooms globally appreciated as the Aliyev Heydar Cultural Center in Baku (Azerbaijan), Berliner Philharmoniker in Berlin (Germany), the City of Arts in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the Esplanade Theater in Singapore, or the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

We share with you some photos of this wonderful and imposing musical building…