The 10 Coolest Things to Do in Porto
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The 10 Coolest Things to Do in Porto

The 10 Coolest Things to Do in Porto

June 27, 2019

Porto has passionate visitors from all over the world. Start planning your trip and find out what you absolutely must do here. Fall in love with Porto!

If you have got some time left in your hands, consider a visit to the wonderful city of Porto – the heart of the North. Throughout this article we present you with ten cool things you can do to have the best time of your life in Porto.

Santa Catarina Avenue

This is a long avenue and a must-see when you visit Porto. It is full of life, joy, and people here love having a good time with friends or family while walking along the Santa Catarina Avenue.

You can do some shopping or stop for a sweet moment to drink coffee or to have a nice lunch. This is undoubtedly a good thing to do if you want to absorb a lot from the culture of the city.

Clérigos Tower

This is the landmark of the city and around the Clérigos Tower there are plenty of things to see and do. In fact, this is the centre of the greatest activity of the city.

This is 75-meter tower was opened in 1763 and its Baroque style fascinates everyone who passes by. If you get into the tower and go upstairs, you will have an amazing view over the city.

Lello Bookstore

This famous bookstore was once used as an inspiration for the so-famous writer of the Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling. The writer used the red stairs at the entrance of the bookstore to describe the stairs of Hogwarts, the School of Wizards.

However, and apart from the iconic stairs, this bookstore has such an impressive design and it was also considered the third most beautiful bookstore worldwide. As it became so popular among tourists, people are now charged to enter the bookstore, but it is totally worth it.

Serralves Museum

Looking for a splendid afternoon of culture and art? This wonderful museum hosts temporary exhibitions for all tastes, mostly from Portuguese artists. The whole building is known for being minimalist, but the gardens outside are worth a visit. You may have to spend a couple of hours enjoying the best of its flora.

Port Wine cellar

As Porto was once the port of distribution of Port wine, there are still very important wine cellars in the city, more precisely on the other side of Dom Luiz I Bridge, Gaia.

The old warehouses have nice tours that are prepared to give you more information about the cellars, wine making, and different types of wine. Furthermore, there is always a delicious moment of wine tasting.

Casa da Música

Placed in one of the most important areas of the city, in Boavista (Rotunda da Boavista), you should definitely come and see a concert at the majestic Casa da Música. Its different architecture of irregular lines will impress you especially because it contrasts with the traditional houses nearby.

Aliados Avenue

This is another imposing avenue in the heart of the city. The buildings along the avenue give a fancy and historical look to this part of Porto.

People who live in the city usually come to Aliados Avenue to celebrate a special occasion: New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or a great victory of the local football team. Besides, there is the building of the city Hall (Câmara Municipal do Porto), whose lines and architecture are worth a nice picture for a postcard.

Crystal Palace Gardens

This little paradise has a lot to be seen if you enjoy verdant and luxuriant flora. Here you have the chance to explore a maze of walkways and a nice view over the Douro River.

When you come to this place, only peace and quiet will stay by your side and we ask you to enjoy the moment as best as you can.

São Bento Train Station

Voted as one of the world’s most beautiful train stations, the São Bento Railway Station reminds us a little bit of the Belle Époque in Paris, which contrasts with the blue and white tiles in its interior, typically from Portugal. These tiles took Jorge Colaço, the artist, 11 years to complete.

If you spend some time here, you will see these tiles represent parts of the Portuguese history.


A city break in Porto is not complete without coming to the most visited and important part of the city. Ribeira is located right in the Douro River where the boats used to transport Port wine to England.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a beautiful view over the river and the Dom Luiz I Bridge makes everything even more special. Take the chance to enjoy a rabelo boat trip to see some other bridges of the city.

A trip to Porto can be an exciting thing to do but it is important to know where to go and what to do and that is why we have a cool tour prepared for you. Our Porto City Break Tour will take you to the most important spots, like Boavista Avenue, Foz, Clérigos Tower, Santa Catarina and Aliados Avenues, Bolhão Market, and the Cathedral.