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Discover Guimarães & Braga: European Capitals 2012

Discover Guimarães & Braga: European Capitals 2012

October 28, 2013

Visit Guimarães & Braga, two European Capitals in 2012. Learn more information with us!

This year, Portugal has the honor to host two European Capitals. First one is Guimarães, Portugal’s “Cradle City”. Situated 50km north of Porto, Guimarães is proud to host this year’s ‘European Capital of Culture’. During the whole year there are numerous events taking place for every age, focusing on four themes: city, community, thought and arts.

Secondly, there is Braga, announced as this year’s European Youth Capital. Located near Guimarães, Braga, often called the ‘Portuguese Rome’ has the privilege to welcome you at their beautiful medieval city during their events. During this year Braga will showcase its youth-related social, political, cultural and economic development.

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As you see, there is no excuse to miss a visit to these dynamic ‘European Capitals’. 

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