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Foz do Douro

Foz do Douro

September 08, 2017

Where the River and the Sea Fall in Love

Located in the Western Zone of Porto, Foz do Douro is a privileged place where the Douro River merges with the Atlantic Ocean. No one stays indifferent.

Enjoy the fantastic scenery, embellished by the landscapes painted by terraces, bars and gardens by the sea. Come to visit the magic of Foz.

In this magical place, the sunset on the horizon of the sea, the unmistakable smell of the sea and the color tones combine, creating a picture of rare beauty.

1 – The Seafront

Small sand falls into an urban boulevard of the Old Porto and invite for a ride, watching the sunset or enjoying a glass of wine or beer in their terraces spread on the seafront.

The sidewalk that runs all the marginal of Foz, invites to inline skates, a bike ride, a race or simply a relaxing walk.

2 – Natural Heritage

The rocks of Porto City Marine Orla are one of the oldest that arise in Portugal. Classified as City Natural Heritage for its Metamorphic Complex , it was established in 2005 the Foz do Douro Geological Walk, to preserve and promote this set of rocks with great scientific and educational value.

3 – Cantareira – fishing area

Go through the Cantareira, a fishing zone that keeps alive the traditions of other times, where modernity and history merge. Don´t forget to taste the snacks that the typical taverns offer.   

4 – Passeio Alegre Garden

Enjoy the Passeio Alegre Garden, located on the margins of the Douro River. Its fountain, designed by Nicolau Nasoni, is a national monument and the café Swiss Chalet was an important meeting point for the intellectuals in the late nineteenth century. Surrounded by beautiful avenues with palm trees and a diverse fauna, the splendor and poetic beauty of Passeio Alegre Garden make it one of the most appreciated by the people of Porto.

5 – Buildings Heritage

Regarding the heritage of Foz do Douro, it highlights the first demonstrations in Portugal of Renaissance architecture, with chapel-lighthouse of St. Miguel-o-Anjo, in Cantareira, and the palace and church, in-house of Forte de São João Batista da Foz.

Other points of interest are the Beacon of Felgueiras, the Lighthouse of Sra. da Luz, the Chapel of Santa Anastásia, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Parish Church of São João Batista, where recently married the world-renowned football manager Jorge Mendes and attended by international figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Live, feel and fall in love for Foz do Douro!