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Gerês, a Natural National Treasure

Gerês, a Natural National Treasure

August 24, 2017

Discover the amazing Gerês National Park, the unkown paradise placed in the Northern Portugal!

Close to the border between Portugal and Spain, in the northeast of our country is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places, the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

The only Portuguese national park is for a lot of tourists unknown. It seems almost untouched by humans but if you go during the weekend you’ll see a lot of outdoorsy families and groups of youngsters having a picnic or walking in the woods. Discover this amazing Natural Treasure in this article!

What To Do at Gerês?

The park covers a large area of mountain ranges: Peneda, Soajo, Amarela and Gerês. Get in touch with nature and take a hike on the mountain. There’s a variety of trails you can explore: Castro Laboreiro, Meadinha, Mezio, S. Miguel de Entre Ambos os Rios, Junceda-Campo do Gerês das Júnias. And they all offer different landscapes that will amaze you.

To get the most outstanding, breathtaking views (and this suggestion is for all those who are brave enough to face heights) go to the Pedra Bela Belvedere, the Boneca Belvedere and the Junceda Belvedere.

While taking a walk on the trails of the park, you’ll come across some natural water fountains, try the water from the places marked with a “Fonte” sign such as Fonte da Portela. It’s fresh, natural Spring water that will help you through your walk!

But walking around and having a picnic is not all you can do! Stop at the river banks of Cávado or bathe in waterfalls spread all around this national treasure. We highlight the most beautiful ones: Tahiti, Arado and Pincães. You can also rent a boat or water motos to venture into the river! Other activities include horse-riding, bird watching and Golf.

Places to Visit

When going to the park, you must stop at the Village of Gerês, a small beautiful village, known for its thermal baths and spas.

Don’t forget to stop at Vilarinho das Furnas, formerly a village, after being submerged became a charming touristy spot with a spectacular view one can see from the Ermida Belvedere.

Another stopping point is the Sanctuary of São Bento da Porta Aberta, not only known for the millions of pilgrims that visit it every year, but also for the finest local products being sold by locals at that same spot and the beautiful view over the surroundings.

The National Park of Peneda-Gerês will undoubtedly amaze you and you can count on the hospitality of the locals and big beautiful houses rent or great quality hotels where to rent a room! To get more in contact with nature you can even camp at some great spots and meet fellow campers!

Save some summer days and allow yourself to be charmed by the wild, untamed beauty of Peneda-Gerês. And you can also explore this incredible National Park joining our private trip “Adventure in Portugal Tour”.