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Lello Bookshop: much more than a bookshop

Lello Bookshop: much more than a bookshop

December 31, 2013

Discover one of the best bookshops in the world: Lello Bookshop. Its neo-gothic style, its beauty, its originality and its ancient environment just inspire.

Do you think that a bookshop is only a place for buying books? Well, we tell you more... a bookshop can be an astonishing model of architecture, a huge symbol of art, a truly paradigm of charm. Welcome to Lello Bookshop, in Oporto.

The centenarian Bookshop that inspired the Harry Potter's books, was awarded all over the world. You'll be so engrossed by its beauty that you'll forget that Lello Bookshop remains only a bookshop. Don't lose the chance to know this world-wide reference.

Visit Lello Bookshop, one of the best bookshops in the world

The number 144 of the Carmelitas Street, near to the Clérigos Tower, does not go unnoticed to anyone. The neo-gothic façade calls dozens of people who crowd there just to take a photo of it. But when you go inside your surprise is even greater. There are books... lots of books, but the breathtaking Art Deco interior, with stained glass ceiling, will steal your attention.

It opened in 1906 and leaves no one indifferent. And its environment remains untouchable: calm and sublime, ancient and realist... oblivious of new technologies. And the main character of this impressive scenario is at the center, connecting the two floors: a dramatic and Art Nouveau spiral staircase. 

And then, focus on the details: the cart full of books and, on wheels, moves along a path in the ground, the old glass and beautiful bookcases that run along the ceiling, the thousands and thousands of antique and new books, in several languages, and its sections dedicated to magazines and CD's.

Lello Bookshop was designed by the engineer Xavier Esteces in a neo-gothic style and, this bookshop, inspired J. K. Rowling and its books of Harry Potter. Furthermore, its beauty was recognised by magazines and newspapers all over the world: among other honors, it was ranked the third best in the world by Lonely Planet for 2011, the Gardian called it "divine" and considered it the third most beautiful in the world, and the Australian Travel Guides and Guidebooks publisher described it as the "pearl of new art" and its staircase as "an exotic flower".

How can you visit the Lello Bookshop?

Besides all of its beauty, the Lello Bookshop press for its exceptional preservation. With charm, refinement and pomposity, you cannot fail this visit.

To know this precious treaure, you must travel to the city of Oporto. You will certainly enjoy this historic city, which is the second most popular on Portugal. And, as Lello Bookshop is a must-see place, we have deals that include a visit through this pearl. Book our Porto City Tour, our Porto City Break Trip, or travel through the Northern Portugal with a marvelous stop in this Bookshop.