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My Travel Notes: A Trip through Caminha

My Travel Notes: A Trip through Caminha

April 10, 2014

Discover the ancient and quiet town of Caminha in Northern Portugal. Walk through its streets and explore all its treasures!

Caminha is a place full of splendid medieval treasures.

Discover the tranquility of this town and the hospitality of its people. Enjoy the ancient environment and walk calmly. Do not forget… take your notes because Caminha is waiting for you! 

A surprising destination…

I can perfectly remember the day when I decided to discover Caminha. I was exhausted of looking for tour guides and without any idea for my next short break, I called to a friend with an extraordinary expertise in Portugal Tours. I told her that I wanted a different trip through this country and she didn’t hesitate: visit the most northern sights of Portugal.

The suggestion surprised me but I liked it. I put the map on the table and quickly drew my journey. The points on the map were located right next to the border of Spain. I visited the beautiful town of Viana do Castelo, strolled by Ponte de Lima, Arcos de Valdevez, Melgaço, Monção, Valência, Vila Nova da Cerveira and Caminha.

It was a calm and pleasant journey to the heart of Minho Region, where I could appreciate the beauty of the province without being disturbed by the euphoria of the tourist crowds. My getaway was short, but incredible. So let’s talk about one particular site that I can definitely highlight from this journey: Caminha.

Discovering the quiet Caminha...

It was a sunny day. A very agreeable day for a walk. 

The people from Caminha are very welcomed. Nice and friendly. I rented a bike and strolled all over the town. I explored its beautiful, narrow and medieval streets – perfectly lined with flower pots – enjoyed a coffee in the charming terraces of the main square and picked marvelous photos of the Church of Misericórdia, the Clock Tower, the Casa das Pitas and the fountain of the square. I walked around this square and explored its surroundings sights, impeccably restored, preserving the medieval trace of this land and discovered the amazing Atlantic beach.

I can share some photos of this incredible experience!