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Nasoni and its Baroque Heritage in Portugal

Nasoni and its Baroque Heritage in Portugal

February 04, 2015

Discover the Baroque Heritage of Nasoni in Portugal. Through the north, explore the legacy of this Italian Architect!

Nicolau Nasoni arrived at Porto in 1725 and he fell in love with this city. The famous Italian architect lived and Porto and he leave us an incomparable heritage. Traveling through the north of Portugal we can be a witness of such gorgeous legacy.

From churches to palaces, we will show you its amazing baroque heritage. And guess what! After centuries of doubts, its grave was probably found. Find out where… 

Have you heard about Nicolau Nasoni, the famous baroque Italian architect that lived at Porto most of his life and leave us an enormous legacy at Porto city and the North of Portugal?

He arrived at Porto in 1725 and here he stayed until the end of his life. In fact, a legend tell us that he was buried in an uncertain place at Clérigos Church. Two weeks ago, during the works of reconstruction of the church, a subterranean chamber was found and probably it is the location of his grave.

Strolling around Porto historical city center you will find many unique churches made by an Italian architect.

  • The church of Misericórdia (Porto)

The Church of Misericórdia was rebuilt by Nasoni in 1748

  • The church of Carmo (Porto)

The Church of Carmo was built between 1756 and1768

  • Paço Episcopal (Porto)

It is believed that the project for the Bishop's Palace was drawn in 1734 by Nicolau Nasoni

  • The tower and church of Clerigos (Porto)

The tower and church was built for the Brotherhood of the Clérigos (Clergy) by Nasoni

Regarding to the previous monument, we really recommend you to take courage and go up all the 76 meters up until the top, in order to have one of the most amazing panoramic views of Porto. Also take the opportunity to visit the museum of the church, recently inaugurated. 

On the surroundings of Porto you will find amazing Palaces made by him:

  • Palace of Bonjóia and Prelada at Porto

Built in 1759, this project is associated with the italian baroque architect

  • The amazing Barroque Palace of Freixo

Freixo Palace was built in the middle of the eigthteenth century by Nicolau Nasoni

  • Palácio de Mateus (near Vila Real)

Most likely, this project was design by Nicolau Nasoni

  • Fountain and the staircase of the Santuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Lamego)

The construction of this monument begun in 1750 and it was completed only in 1905

Take this suggestion and let yourself be amazed by the grace and grandiosity of his heritage. 

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