5 Imposing Places to Get More Out of your Northern Portugal Trip
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5 Imposing Places to Get More Out of your Northern Portugal Trip

5 Imposing Places to Get More Out of your Northern Portugal Trip

July 04, 2018

Are you still quite indecisive regarding your next trip? Here’s an amazing list with five beautiful destinations in Northern Portugal you should visit these holidays!

The History says that Portugal was born in the North. Lands of bravery and courage, here you can discover UNESO sites, escape to an unspoiled wilderness, stroll through a famous wine region and explore the most typical architecture and culture.

And to help you find the most impressive “must-see places” for a perfect trip, we show you the best treasures to visit!


Gerês is Nature at its best, its timeless beauty has been protected for years, and both fauna and flora remain the same. It is a mandatory stop for all tourists and you can spend a whole day in Gerês watching its natural landscapes, the rich heritage, and you can even enjoy some walking trails. This place is ideal for those who are seeking a more adventurous kind of trip.

Strolling around Gerês will make you see that Portugal is such a big beauty and all these hidden places are like little secrets of ours. Once in Gerês, do not forget to visit the impressive castles of Castro Laboreiro and Lindoso. Or you can have a private experience through these mountains and join and adventurous trip with typical experiences.  


Not far from Douro we can find Lamego, an ancient city that once produced the so-famous Port Wine. As Lamego is not far from the banks of Douro River it is quite common to see tourists enjoying splendid tours and walks in this city, while observing the vineyards and other outstanding landscapes that gave birth to our most famous wine.

During the 17th and 18th centuries this city was very prosperous and great works were done there and now, when you stroll around Lamego and around its narrow streets, you can find some evidence of the medieval times, for example the Castle, the Cathedral, and the Church of Santa Maria de Almacave. Other interesting spots could be the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church and the Museum of Lamego.


Never heard about it, right? But take a closer look to some pictures of this lovely city. Amarante is another little secret among the Portuguese but everyone should visit it for the good reasons. Once in Amarante, there will be some things that will take your breath away: the imposing Serra do Marão, the river Tâmega that begins in Galicia, and the bridge, - oh, the bridge! - which represents the resistance of the population against the troops of Napoleon, deserves a great photo at the end of the day. This whole picture is worth a thousand words. Another excellent reason to visit Amarante is the food that was blessed with strong and warm flavours.

Vila Real

Founded in 1289, Vila Real is best known for a Palace (Casa de Mateus), which is the same building you can find in the bottles of Mateus Rosé. It is believed that Nasoni designed this Palace, who at the time was famous for designing some other important buildings in the North of Portugal. Other curious spots are the Panóias Sanctuary, an old temple that was dedicated to some sacrificial rituals; the Gothic Sé from the 15th century; the old house of the explorer Diogo Cão; and the Vila Velha Museum.

While strolling around Vila Real you will be impressed by the colourful doors in the streets that remind us of the old Portugal.

Peso da Régua

If Port Wine is a passion of yours, Peso da Régua is your next trip. In Peso da Régua there are many interesting activities for those who want to take a tour through wineries or cellars. Another thing that truly calls the attention of our tourists is the historical train of Douro, a locomotive from 1925 that will take you in a 3-hour trip with a stop in Pinhão. This adorable train trip will show you fantastic landscapes from this part of Portugal. Other important places of Peso da Régua are the Museum of Douro and the gazebos of São Leonardo da Galafura and of São Domingos. An interesting way of knowing Douro better is to take a cruise through the river and if you are keen on this kind of things check our Douro River Cruise for one day.

These are some places to visit but once you travel to the North of Portugal it will become easier for you to know other places. These are incredible cities that you must visit because of their rich heritage, gastronomy and difference.