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Porto, the Best European Destination 2017

Porto, the Best European Destination 2017

March 06, 2017

For the third time in a row, Porto has been elected Europe’s Best Destination. Discover why and the best activities to explore this city.

For the third time in a row, Porto has been elected Europe’s Best Destination.

This northern city has a very unique atmosphere and as every year passes it has been continuously fascinating an increasing number of tourists. Moreover, when asking the locals about the city an immediate responsive smile appears in their faces.

Porto offers a contrast between old and new, it is tradition intertwining beautifully with modernity. One can blissfully walk the labyrinth of small narrow streets tile facades and welcoming genuine people. It is a city of small humble neighborhoods and hidden charms, magnificent monuments and stunning panoramic views over and along the Douro River.

To experience Porto is to enjoy a diverse offer of (leisure) activities:

- Visit the Port Wine Cellars and taste the delicious nectar known worldwide (our delicious Port Wine).

- Enjoy a Bridges Cruise on the Douro River and appreciate unique landscapes of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

- Taste the famous "Francesinha". Served with a special spicy sauce, it is considered one of the best sandwiches in the world. Nonetheless, to not be mistaken with a regular sandwich, Francesinha is a delicious and generous meal.

- Watch a game of Futebol Clube do Porto at Dragon Stadium. It is one of the most known Portuguese teams, playing in the major European leagues. Visit and get a chance to witness the passion of its fans.

Visit the Lello Bookstore, the library that inspired the Harry Potter saga known worldwide for its outstanding beauty and unique architecture.

- Be sure to visit the railway station named São Bento, with its magnificent historic tiles that represent historical events, it is a mandatory spot in any tourist’s tour.

- Go to the Bolhão Market – a picturesque traditional spot - that gathers a vast variety of Portuguese products, right in the heart of Porto’s historical center.

- Also recommended for night owls: take a drink downtown in the lively streets of Galerias or at Ribeira, enjoying a stunning view of the Douro River.

- Cycle or walk from Ribeira to Foz do Douro and discover the town waterfront where the Douro river meets the Atlantic Ocean, a serene, lovely site.

- Try an amazing Walking Tour and discover the History of this city. 

- Take part in one of Portugal’s most eventful cultural agenda. Attend a concert at the avant-garde Casa da Música or at the classic venue, Coliseu do Porto, or enjoy the trendy and recently restored Trindade Cinema.

All this and more!

Porto, the unbeatable city, as we Portuguese proudly call it, is undeniably captivating.