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Porto, The City of the Year

Porto, The City of the Year

April 28, 2017

The famous American magazine “Forbes” considered the city of Porto as “The City of the Year” (2017). Discover the reasons that make this “unbeatable city” the perfect European destination!

The second largest city in Portugal, Porto, has always been one of the most esteemed by the Portuguese. In recent years, the city’s name has been spreading worldwide and the strong and genuine character of the city is now perceived by thousands of visitors every year.

The city gained even more life! It innovated its image without ever abandoning its characteristic authenticity. Never had the “Unbeatable City” as vibrant and cosmopolitan a scene as now.

Combined with the beauty of its architecture and delightful Port Wine, is now a dynamic cultural agenda and a booming gastronomic scene that attracts both locals and visitors.

The core remains the same but some spots in the city, which were somehow overlooked have now come to life.

The Clerigos’ Garden, a suspended artificial garden, home of 50 olive trees has embellished the area and makes up for a perfect well-spent afternoon soaking up the sun, right next to the Clerigos’ Tower and Lello Bookstore and also an agglomerate of stores.

The Flowers’ Street is the mecca of Porto’s urban art and most definitely one of the trendiest streets in the city. Porto’s urban artists were invited to use it as their canvas and their messages now color this street, a street so welcoming due to its cheer and cute small cafés and restaurants where one can experiment a variety of delicacies.

An eclectic, groundbreaking and cosmopolitan gastronomic scene found its ground in Porto. A great number of cafes and restaurants opened in recent years. Each of them with their own philosophy and unique vibe. World food, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, trendy cafés, typical food with a twist, all blending with Porto’s traditional gastronomy.

A bouncing cultural agenda, one might get weary, but never bored! All of Porto’s venues are being used to their full potential and there are events to please distinct audiences.

From the avant-garde concept of Casa da Música whose walls fill with classical music most nights changing it up with a more indie vibe; to the Crystal Palace, surrounded by a stunningly designed garden offering a sweeping view of the Douro River and a dozen number of small venues perfect for small intimate concerts (Plano B, Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club, Café au Lait). As for theater and cinema lovers, every night is stage night, whether you go to Rivoli, Sá da Bandeira Theater or the recently renovated Trindade Cinema and Carlos Alberto Theater.

2017 brings with it a reinvigorated Porto, soulful and vibrant. To fall for the mystic of the city will be inevitable. Just send us a free quote and travel now!